tasha marburyMove over Evelyn Lozada, Basketball Wives has a new leading lady joining the cast this season. Tasha Marbury, the wife of former NBA star Stephon Marbury will be one of, if not the only actual wife on the show this season. Its been reported that Tasha will be a great addition to the show since she is known to be friends with many of the cast members. Plus, she’s definitely a high roller, according to celebrity net worth she has over $20 million in cash! Here’s the latest Basketball Wives news.

According to Reality Tea, it appears that Mrs. Marbury has been caught up in some drama before Basketball Wives even airs. According to Tasha,  she has been harassed non-top online by a chick who’s obsessed with her husband. Welcome to the wonderful world of reality TV.

Tasha Marbury a Capricorn chick is all business, she claims a woman by the name of Monet Merchand has been negatively blogging and tweeting about her. She has been harassing her non-stop on social media, tweeting her things like “@TashaMarbury is an insecure hoe” and “You are less ‘worth’ than a burnt out light bulb & you will forever live in shame.” If she thinks that’s bad, just wait till Basketball Wives starts. VH1 fans can be vicious.

This psycho blogger claims to have to have had an affair with Stephon Marbury, but Steph claims he’s never met this woman. Mrs. Marbury has had enough of the constant social media harassment and has decided to take legal action. She has officially filed a report with the Harrison P.D in NY against the woman, and cops are currently investigating the situation according to Reality Tea.

Who knows if Ms. Merchand has ever had any dealings with Stephon Marbury. An NBA star in the limelight, of course it just may be possible, if it was years ago, but why harass his wife? Keyword his “wife.” You Miss Monet Merchand are a non-factor! Maybe she just wants to stir up some mess, so she can at least be mentioned in this season of Basketball Wives. Yea I think that’s about right. Giselle, follow me on Twitter here.


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