sean lowe bachelorIs Bachelor Sean Lowe still a virgin? According to his recent confession, our sexy Scorpio guy wants to save himself for marriage and has been waiting for the right girl for a LONG time. Will Bachelor Sean’s recent reveal ruin the season or will fans appreciate his moral code even more? Here’s this week Bachelor Sean spoilers, rumors, and predictions.

Born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, Bachelor Sean definitely surprised everyone with his big reveal. At the age of 28, he’s still a virgin and looking for a wife. That’s not all, he also is a geek at heart.

Sean divulges, “Most people don’t know that I’m weird and nerdy,” adding, “I love to read, and I do nerdy things. I do math in my head for fun. I do crossword puzzles; I quiz my friends on historical facts. Most people don’t peg me that way.”

“I’m sure some of the girls probably wouldn’t want to get engaged to him,” a source tells Life & Style. “Knowing that they wouldn’t have sex until getting married.”

Astrologically speaking, Reality Steve revealed that the final rose goes to Catherine Giudici. Is Bachelor Sean and Catherine still engaged? Astrochicks that the Bachelor couple may be in love but won’t get married.  Saturn in Scorpio will test Bachelor Sean’s moral and values, leaving his relationship with Catherine in question.

Astrochicks thinks it was brave of Bachelor Sean to confess he’s a virgin and thinks “sex is special”. We have to admit, we have tremendous amout of respect for Bachelor Sean but find it odd that he’s still a virgin. I wonder if that will scare most girls away? I wonder if that’s the reason why Bachelorette Emily sent him home. For more Bachelor Sean spoilers and final four rose predictions, click here.

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