REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta Rumors, Kenya Moore Cancer Scare, Phaedra Parks UPDATE!

kenya mooreThe Donkey Booty war between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars, Phaedra and Kenya, has been taken to another level. Lets just say things between the two have now gotten very personal. In this weeks Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Kenya is still persistent in making sure that her workout DVD “The Stallion Booty” will be one to look out for. Will Real Housewives fans buy either one? Here’s the latest update and rumors.

Kenya Moore has dial it up a notch and now has a personal trainer to make her booty extra tight. According to Kenya, she’s going to show Phaedra how a fit body is REALLY suppose to look like. Aquarius girls can definitely be bitchy when they want to.

After Kenya and Phaedra’s nasty fight, Kenya realizes that Phaedra has now befriended Porsha. In earlier Real Housewives of Atlanta episodes, Kenya and Porsha have made it clear that they do not like each other. During that time Phaedra seemed to be defending Kenya, maybe a little too much. According to Porsha, Phaedra didn’t really take the time to get to know her, although the two women didn’t have any issues.

Kenya’s hurt and upset that Phaedra a Scorpio girl, has been spreading rumors that she’s bi-polar and has a drinking problem.  So of course, Miss Kenya decides to dial the drama up a notch to make a point. She makes a “Gone With the Wind” entrance at a Shoe Dazzle charity event, modeling Phaedra’s see through fishnet outfit wearing booty pads, and a church hat. Nene a Sag, thought she has lost her mind. The war between Phaedra and Kenya will continue to rage on.

Next week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya has a cancer scare when she visits the doctor. Will our Aquarius girl be alright? Giselle, check me out on Twitter here.

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  1. I think that the both of them are gossipers. Phadera always talking about a female butt make me thinks she is bisexual. Kenya on the other hand sorry for ur illness but you are bipolar. NeNe I love ya for keeping it real and Porsha stop telling you talk too much. Cynthia is that person that is sneaky watch them dawgs.

  2. kenya we all will be praying 4 u phaedra is no good she is fake when it comes down 2 being a friend read the book by angela stanton and it will tell u what kind of person she is go 2 angela stanton website and she will tell u need i say more

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