joe buddenOn last weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop New York it was sadly revealed that rapper Joe Budden had a drug relapse and was dancing with the devil again. While a nasty catfight erupted between Tahiry and Raqi at Joe Budden’s pool party, Joe came to Tahiry’s defense and kicked Raqi out of his pad. As we all know, Tahiry is the ex girlfriend of Joe and Raqi is his “best friend.” Oh the drama.

The way Joe kicked Raqi off his property didn’t sit to well with her. She felt as if he dogged her and treated her like a stranger. According to Raqi, he defended a chick who he constantly bashed to Raqi. Talk about a slap in the face right? Now to be honest during that scene, Raqi clearly antagonized Tahiry, which led to Tahiry almost giving Rai the ultimate beat down. Don’t mess with that chick.

On this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, after some deep thought,  Joe a Virgo kept it real and admitted that he was high on drugs at his pool party. That’s the reason he gave, for going off on his “best friend” Raqi.  Although Joe believes she started the whole thing, and he’s not too interested in whether Raqi wants to continue being his friend or not, Joe decided to make amends. During his heart to heart with Raqi, he revealed that he had relapsed and lets her know why he acted so crazy, but Raqi isn’t really trying to accept his apology.

At this point, Joe now has his mother worried about his relapse, which he also confessed to her. Obviously, Joe’s reaching out to those he loves and is asking for help. He’s been a sober soldier for 14 years and now he’s hit a rough patch. In order for his mother to get him the help that he needs, she confides in his former girlfriend Tahiry, who she believes is the only person that can help him get clean again. Let’s keep in mind, Joe is in what appears to be a serious relationship with his current girlfriend Kaylin Garcia, shouldn’t she be the one to help him get sober. Astrochicks predicts there’s some drama brewing, even though Joe’s mother and Tahiry have maintained a good relationship, despite her split with Joe. Does Joe’s mom believe that Kaylin is a bad influence on her boy? Perhaps.

Tahiry is now caught between a rock and a hard place, as she loves Joe dearly and has always been there for him, but also knows that in order to move on with her life, she needs to step aside and let Joe figure it out. In order for her to move on and find love again, Tahiry can’t leave the door half way open for Joe to come in whenever he’s in trouble, or needs her. That’s what sponsors and family are for.

Which leaves me with this question… If Joe Budden’s been clean for such a long period of time while in a relationship with Tahiry, why do you think he’s now relapsed? Well, Joe’s current girlfriend is pretty young. We’ve seen her in a ton of raunchy photos, which surprisingly enough, she allows Joe to take. She has the image of “living wild, young, and free.” Could it be this new chick isn’t a strong enough woman to keep Joe on the right track? I mean it seems as if he’s almost in an open relationship with this girl. If you haven’t seen some of their nasty photos, you might want to Google that. I mean he takes pictures of her and posts them on Instagram, and these are photos that should be for his eyes-only when you’re in a real relationship. Just keeping it real. Giselle

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.