REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta, Kenya Moore Versus Phaedra Parks, Donkey Booty War, UPDATE!

phaedra parksThis week’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” should’ve been  called “2 Can Play That Game” in the Donkey Booty war.  Since this season has started, we all  learned a thing or two about over the top Miss USA, Kenya Moore. There are  two things that she doesn’t take very lightly, her “Miss USA” title, and  not being able to have things done the Kenya way.

Last week,  Real Housewives of Atlanta revealed Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo desire to produce their own work out DVD called “The Donkey Booty.” In  case you haven’t noticed, Phaedra a Scorpio girl, definitely has the booty to match the  title of her workout DVD. Her hubby Apollo who has the body of a Greek  God, knows how to maintain a tight physique, so naturally this was a smart  business move for the married couple.

Miss Kenya Moore our eccentric Aquarius girl, who’s “Gone With the Wind  Fabulous’ prides herself on being an actress extraordinaire and a  producer. Also she added CEO to her resume, when Kenya founded “Moore  Vision Media”, an independent movie production and home-video distribution  company.

Since Kenya is in the entertainment biz,  she decided to lend a  “helping hand” to Phaedra and Apollo, by landing them a distribution deal  for that hot “Donkey Booty” video. That’s what BFFs do right? They help  each other out however they can? Well that may be true, but that “helping  hand” definitely comes with a fee for Miss Kenya Moore. Aquarius girls  don’t work for free sista; didn’t you see my crown when you walked in?

Kenya an astute business chick feels she should receive a 10% distribution  fee for sealing the deal. Phaedra a Scorpio girl who must control  everything, is a shrewd entertainment lawyer as well, feels Kenya doesn’t  deserve a dime. Also let’s keep in mind Kenya was in pre-production with  this deal for 4 weeks. What are you talking about Ms. Phaedra?

After a few conversations of them going back and forth, Phaedra refused to  pony up Kenya’s 10%. After that, her “Donkey Booty” video fell flat on its  ass.

Revenge is sweet for Ms. Kenya; she’s done negotiating with Phaedra and  decides to show our Scorpio girl who’s really the boss. Kenya stated in  this weeks episode she will now work on her own workout DVD called “The  Stallion Booty.”

“The Stallion Booty” is suppose to be focused on having a strong nicely  rounded bottom, as opposed to Phaedra’s “Donkey Booty” which sounds crass,  and features an over the top gigantic booty.

Kenya says, “Stallions remind you of thoroughbreds, their sleek, strong  and beautiful”. She went on to say, “Who wants a Donkey Booty? A Donkey is  slow and broke down.”Ha!

Who do you agree with? Things might get pretty ugly between these two if  Kenya sticks to her plan. For Astrochicks, we love Phaedra but we’re Team  Kenya on this deal. Although, we think that Phaedra’s “Donkey Booty” will  sell more DVDs because of her fine lookin hubby, Apollo. Just sayin…Giselle – follow me at

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  1. The mess of the dueling video is wrong. I’m being nice as I write.I kept wondering what’s wrong with Kenya–why so much over the top hatred. Is she trying to get her own show? What is the deal? She’s nice looking & smart, but there is something strange going on in her heart. Well, if it’s true about her rearing, Ms Kenya probably did not get bonded as a baby. Not being bonded explains all the striking out. It’s wild.

  2. She was willing to pay her 100,000, but no distribution fees, she didn’t ask for that, but yes all that should have been discussed up front and a contract done, kenya is definitely cray cray….how she was ever Miss Usa, I will never understand

  3. Kenya more is desprate for money…if phedra refused to pay her that didn’t give her the right to tak the lady idea….she jus being greedy she need to mak up her own idea…the names are different but they still booty fitness….

  4. Fake Phaedra is shady! She was gaming on Kenya from the very beginning. Kenya’s mistake is that she thought she was working with a friend. Phaedra was out to scam both Kenya and Cynthia. I wish Kenya would sue Phaedra for scandal and defamation.

  5. Phaedra is TOTALLY wrong and a bit of a HYPOCRIT too. Last season she was the one who stated that “no one works for free” when she was representing Sheree (poorly, might I add) in her divorce proceedings. So why would she possibly think that Kenya would not want to be compensated for her work. Phaedra was not only being greedy, but cheap, as well. For what some in the industry are stating…10% is standard, considering that Kenya was producing it on a skeletal budget of $30,000. I liked Phaedra last season but she seems messy, pretentious and greedy this season.

  6. It’s industry standard to get 10% for a distribution fee. Agents + Managers in Hollywood take 15% to 20%. Phaedra shouldn’t be so greedy. In the end, I think Phaedra’s dvd will be more successful unless Phaedra adds some eye candy to her workout.

  7. They should haave drawn up a contract and they would not be going thur this mess. Kendy is being dirty by being so petty. if this is you r friend y would you stab her in the back w/trying to get back. Phaedra is wrong for not paying Kenya. But both of you should have had a contract in place and neither one you would going thur this drama.

  8. Kenya Moore did nothing but got with Phaedra Parks and stolen her idea and she thinks she should get paid for that crazy. Phaedra talked about that video last season so what is Kenya thinking? I know she is living it up being a snake of a person and someone who is ugly inside and out.

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