sean lowe bachelorWhat’s the best part of the new Bachelor Sean’s season? All the drama and secrets the girls spill during the show. Also, fans found out Bachelor Sean is not as vanilla as he appears, he likes his girls exotic and definitely has had his share of women. Of course, he’s on the show for REAL love and is hoping to find his future bride. Is Bachelor Sean engaged and ready to get married? Here’s the latest Bachelor spoilers, rumors and predictions.

Born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, Bachelor Sean likes to keep it real. Astrochicks predicted he had a wild streak and he does. He’s not afraid to get deep and personal, he has also attracted a few crazies this season.

Reality Tea has busted out some Bachelor Sean secrets. Some are pretty shocking, which includes one with Catherine Giudici who’s rumored to be in his final four, and possibly future bride. Her secret is rather tragic and sad. Catherine grew up with an abusive father,  who was eventually committed to a psychiatric hospital after threatening suicide twice. Wow, so glad she’s overcome her difficult past.

Another Bachelor Sean favorite, Krazy Kristi Kaminski, who’s not interested in marriage but getting famous. She will definitely be on Bachelor Pad, she was thrilled when chosen for a three book cover for Harlequin Romance. Hopefully, Bachelor Sean can see through her fame whore ways and send her packing soon.

Another is Taryn Daniel, she has a surprising criminal past according to Star Magazine. In 2003 while working as a waitress Taryn went nuts on her former boss and “slammed a salt shaker into his face during a staff meeting.” Ha. After she was chosen, Astrochicks received a gossip tip from her ex boyfriend that she left him to go on the show.  She didn’t even bother to tell him, she just disappeared. She seems kinda crazy and hopefully he considers himself lucky. She has cuckoo eyes!

Are there more Bachelor Sean secrets. YES! You can check out the others on Reality Tea here! A couple of real tear jerkers. Of course, because he’s a Scorpio and they like to dive into the dark side.


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