FIFTH HARMONY News Update, Breakout Stars of 2013, Music Predictions!

fifth harmonyFifth Harmony, continues to build their Harmonizers fanbase after coming in third place on X Factor. The girls have been waiting patiently for Simon Cowell to officially announce their record deal. In the meantime, their star has continued to shine and they are officially in the Pop Dust finals. Will they be crowned Breakout Star of 2013?  The Princesses of Pop, are in a dead heat competition against The Mix, Union J, and Timeflies for Breakout Star of 2013. Here’s the latest Fifth Harmony news, gossip, rumors and update.

On Twitter, Fifth Harmony has racked up over 370, 000 followers, who are obsessed with the girls. Dinah Jane began singing in her church at age four, while Camila didn’t start until the seventh grade. Normani first performed as a dancer at age three and Lauren’s public debut came in the fifth grade, where she sang the national anthem for her whole school. As for Ally, who was born premature at 1 pound 14 ounces, she simply says she came out singing!

Astrologically speaking, Camila Cabelo a Pisces girl, has a big year ahead of her. As we predicted before, we feel she will be the breakout star of the group. Sweet and sensitive, Astrochicks believes she can expect a cosmetic and fashion deal in 2013. When it comes to love, we predict love is on the horizon. Who wouldn’t want to be her boyfriend?

Ally Brooke, who’s born under the zodiac sign of Cancer is all about family. Emotional and sensitive, we see her as the protector of Fifth Harmony, who gets her feelings hurt easily. Once again, another big year for our Texas cutie, who’s going to be packing her bags permanently for Hollywood soon.

Normani Hamilton a Gemini girl, we think she will pen some tunes for Fifth Harmony. The writer of the group, she has a distinct style and we see her having a future as a songwriter, possibly moving into acting.

Dinah Hansen another Gemini, may clash with Camila from time to time. Gemini’s sometimes speak first and think later, causing hurt feelings. She also has a natural talent for songwriting, possibly collaborating with Normani to create the girls sound.

Lauren Jauregui another Cancer, has a very big heart and has a creative soul. Astrochicks loves her Tumblr page, “All I Heard Was Nothing,” who has a love for Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Aniston. No doubt, she’s on a magic carpet ride to stardom.

Astrologically speaking,  we think that Dinah, Lauren, and Camila are the most emotionally connected in Fifth Harmony. For Normani and Dinah the two Geminis, they will be the most outspoken and vocal in the group. To be successful, you need some conflict for creative tension. We look forward to their new album. Stay tuned.



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  1. Who gives a rip that they have 370k followers on Twitter. Carly Rose has over 900k followers. Tate has less than 300k and he won the darn show. Twitter following doesn’t mean squat.

  2. Lauren is the leader of this group for me she is the voice of Fifth Harmony. As for Dinah & Camila, they have the big voices that captivte the audience, the two of them were AMAZING on “Let It Be”. Ally & Normani really complete this group, I prefer Lauren, Dinah and Camila vocally but Ally shined the brightest on “Anything Could Happen”. Ally I think has the most start quality along with Camila.

  3. i think the girls are amazing singers but i don’t think they will be the next big girl group. they rarely sing in harmony so they need to work on that. i think there are some other groups that are better in my opinion.

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