X FACTOR Update, Britney Spears Quits, Judge Rumors Rihanna or Alanis Morissette?

It’s official, Britney Spears has quit X Factor! Reportedly bored with the judges position, she wants to focus on music and touring. Who will Simon Cowell choose to replace LA Reid and Britney? Will Demi Lovato return next year? Here’s the latest X Factor news, rumors, and updates.

It’s no secret, Britney Spears may be great on stage as an artist, but she’s not the best X Factor judge. Her lackluster performance and critique abilities, was an absolute yawn fest.  Simon Cowell thought our Sagittarius girl would attract more viewers and instead he lost about 5 million. I guess Paula Abdul wasn’t so bad after all.

X Factor fans want to know who Simon will choose to be in the judges hot seat. Will he pick someone like Rihanna a Pisces or Alanis Morissette a Gemini?

Who will replace LA Reid? Will it be Sean “Diddy” Combs a Scorpio or a country superstar like Jake Owens or Dierks Bentley? Whoever he chooses, Simon has to get it right or there will be no X Factor, season 4.

For X Factor 3, Astrochicks thinks they need less cheese and over production. Let the artists choose their own music, bring back mentors, and add some humor to the mix. Forget Demi Lovato’s snarkiness. We think X Factor needs to bring more street cred to the table. They need an outspoken judge like Rihanna, Little Kim, or Diddy to the mix. For eye candy, Jake Owens will do just fine.

Astrologically speaking, Simon a Libra tries to hard to please everyone. He needs shake the format up a bit. On a positive note, we think that X Factor, season 2 winners and runner ups will be very successful. Astrochicks predicts that Tate Stevens, Emblem 3, and Fifth Harmony will all go platinum.

In 2013, Scorpio will be in Saturn, which means Simon Cowell may have to face the harsh reality that X Factor may be over. There are way too many talent reality shows on TV. If he wants to compete, he should move X Factor to the summer like America’s Got Talent. We predict more shake ups and possibly a new producer for the show. Stay tuned.