Is Sean Lowe the best Bachelor ever?  Bachelorette Emily may have broke his heart but he’s ready to find love with 26 hot chicks. He’s down to earth, humble, and passionate who’s a man on a mission. He may be laid back but he likes girls who are aggressive and more outspoken. Will he find his happily ever after this season? Here’s the latest Bachelor Sean spoilers, rumors, and update.

On Bachelor Sean’s season, producers are trying to mix it up a bit. The girls are more diverse, even Kacy from Bachelor Ben’s season wants her shot with Bachelor Sean. It’s unaminous, all the girls think he’s incredibly hunky and the perfect dream guy. Fans were worried he might be boring but actually he has a good sense of humor and he loves the drama mamas. Plus, he was way too good for Emily.

For the Bachelor girls, the producers must have picked up a few drunk chicks at the local Happy Hour. Funny, stuff! Especially, the Fifty Shades of Grey chick named Ashley P, who’s hysterical. She’s perfect for Bachelor Pad a star is born.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean is born under the sign of Scorpio. Don’t let his conservative values fool you, beneath that nice boy exterior lies a sex god. Scorpio men are intense, talk about a guy who wants to own and possess you. In fact, Brad Womack was a Scorpio but we think Bachelor Sean shows the lighter side of Scorpio.

Scorpio men in love can be warm and generous or suspicious and brooding; it really depends on the “signals” he gets from his girl. With that in mind, “do onto others” is the perfect rule to abide by if you’re in love with Bachelor Sean. He’s looking for a woman he can trust but will he choose the right girl?

Naturally, this season will have lots of tears and drama. We think Bachelor Sean will find love but our astrology prediction is they won’t get married, Stay tuned.



Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.