As a former airline employee, I’m always surprised by how bold and ballsy flight attendants have become today. In the latest unfriendly skies episode, one drunk passenger got hog tied and duct taped on his cross Icelandair atlantic flight because of his unruly behavior, with photos of him being captured by another passenger. Crazy!

On a flight from Reykjavik to New York City because he was grabbing women’s butts, screaming profanities and spitting. OMG! New Yorker Andy Ellwood, claims he received the drunk passengers photo from a friend who was on the plane, said the guy “drank all of his duty free liquor” and “became unruly,” which meant “trying to choke the woman next to him and screaming the plane was going to crash.” WTH?

So, several passengers and the flight attendants put plastic handcuffs on him, but the funny part is they duct taped his mouth shut and tied him to the seat. Here’s the crazy photo. Lawsuit anyone?

Icelandair spokesman Gudjon Arngrimsson said the passenger was bound after his behavior became “unruly and threatening.”To ensure the safety of those who were on board he was restrained by the crew and passengers and then was monitored for the duration of the flight for his own safety,” he said.

Seriously, I thought all international flights had Air Marshalls on board, couldn’t he have handled the situation. The guy could have died of a heart attack or choked on his own vomit. He was arrested once he landed in NYC but no charges ended up being filed. Maybe the airlines should reconsider serving alcohol on board. Just sayin!

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Jacy Nova

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