The hotly anticipated new film, Star Trek Into the Darkness, takes Trekkie fans on a wild spaceship ride when the crew of the Starfleet Enterprise are attacked, leaving the planet in chaos.

Naturally, Captain Kirk comes to the rescue, with the film revealing his spiritual journey as a man and leader.  Here’s the latest Star Trek, Into the Darkness spoilers, rumors, and exclusive cast interviews.

According to rumors, Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is believed to be a supervillain, Kahn. Spock and Bones, will continue to serve as Kirk’s alter egos of logic and moral compass. In the new film, he will earn his Captain’s role and grow spiritually and philosophically as a man.

“Extra’s” Ben Lyons sat down with Chris Pine, Zach Quinto, and Zoe Saldana of the upcoming movie, “Star Trek Into Darkness.”  It’s been four years since the last Trek movie, and Ben got the cast to dish on what fans can look forward to.

Ben asked, “Does it feel like there’s more pressure this time around because you raised the bar so high?”  Chris, “I suppose I feel more pressure with this one.”  Zach saying, “This one really took me to a new limit.”  A new limit for an on-screen bromance as well.  Zach tells Ben, “Kirk really earns his leadership.  Spock really earns the understanding of friendship.”

Spock also lands his space soulmate, Zoe Saldana.  Ben asked Zoe, “There’s gonna be a romantic theme to the two of you?”  Zoe,  not giving any secrets away, said, “Whether they’re together or not that will remain to be seen. But come on, I’m not gonna ruin the element of surprise!”  Zoe continued, joking, “I signed papers, trust me!  I will lose a kidney if I say too much!” You can view here Extra TV interview here.

No doubt, Star Trek Into the Darkness will warm Trekkie fans hearts and will not disappoint.  The new film will land in theaters on May 17, 2013.

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