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JUSTIN BIEBER News Update, Photographer Car Accident Chasing Popstar in Ferrari!

Justin Bieber news update. A photographer was hit by a car tonight, while trying to snap a pic of Justin in his Ferrari. The car had been stopped by the police for a speeding ticket. Here’s the latest.

A paparazzo attempting to shoot photos of Justin Bieber’s Ferrari was hit by another car and killed instantly — although Bieber was NOT behind the wheel of the Ferrari … TMZ has learned.

Police tell TMZ Bieber’s white Ferrari was pulled over by CHP for a speeding ticket on Sepulveda Blvd. … near the Getty Center in LA

Photographers thinking Bieber was behind the wheel, chased the car, which was actually being driven by a friend, he wasn’t even in the car.

Justin is reportedly saddened by the incident, and gives his condolences to the photographers family.

This tragic incident, highlight how chasing celebrities can be so dangerous. Thoughts and prayers to the photographers family. So sad.


  1. Then again can you really blame the paparazzi for simply giving the world what they desperately crave? (yes JB’s Ferrari is the hidden meaning of life) Or maybe we in the media ought to know better…?


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