X FACTOR Rumor Finals, Simon Cowell Losing His Crown, Show Cancelled Next Year?

X Factor rumor alert! Has Simon Cowell lost his golden touch? With X Factor’s ratings tanking in the UK and the USA, he’s reportedly scrambling to reboot the reality show. Have fans grown tired of all these singing shows or are they just tired of Simon? Here’s the latest update!

The web is buzzing that Simon Cowell will replace the X Factor judging panel, again! Desperately, trying to find the right chemistry, he may bring Chris Brown and Rihanna on board. Should he bring Paula Abdul back for a third time? Better yet, should Simon remove himself from the judges chair to focus on the production of the show? X Factor fans want to know!

It’s reported, Simon Cowell has held a crisis meeting to save his beloved X Factor. Feeling the pressure, our charming Libra has lost his shine. Of course, nothing lasts forever but he wants to squeeze a couple more seasons out.

Critics have condemned the latest incarnation of The X Factor as boring, inauthentic, and straying from its mission to find people who love to sing, rather than those who seek fame. Basically, Simon Cowell needs to make the show more like the Voice. Enough of all the glam and focus on real talent.

No doubt, X Factor this year has found real talent with Tate Stevens, Carly Rose, Emblem 3, and Fifth Harmony. Astrochicks predicts, they will all get record deals and we think Tate could be the next Garth Brooks. Will they survive after 2013?

One fan wrote, “I think the last ever X-Factor should end Seinfeld style.   That is put all the judges and opportunist celebs from the last ten years on trial and charge them with the grotesque desecration of music.   I might even tune in.” Ha, great idea! That’s a show Astrochicks would definitely watch.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.

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  1. I just don’t like XFactor becuase it is kind of boring, they loss finding a person with a voice and have to much dancing and background crap going on. The part of being assigned to mentors that wre judges is a bad Idea, the judges should be seprate from the contestants. I still like simon, but this show needs some major changes or just shut it down and go back to American idol.

  2. Seriously? X Factor is way over produced. Singers with flames bursting in the background is like a bad hair 80s video. Too many dancers and too many distractions. They need to revamp the show or change the name to the cheese factor.

    Britney is glam but not a great singer. Madonna is glam but not a great singer. Bob Dylan doesn’t need lots of hoopla in the background…he’s just a talented singer. etc.

    I think the show should be more like the Voice.

  3. “Enough with the glam..focus on the talent” — Glamor and talent are not mutually exclusive. All the chart toppers internationally are both talented and glamorous. Stupid article.

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