CHRIS BROWN Love Update, Back With Ex Girlfriend Karrueche, Splits From Rihanna Again?

Will Chris Brown and Rihanna share a little Christmas love this year? The controversial couple, have been tweeting sexy pictures of each other, and appear to be back together, or are they. Chris Brown, still appears to be romantically connected to ex girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, as well. Here’s the latest Chris and Rihanna update and love rumors.

What’s the biggest rumor to drop? Chris Brown and Rihanna, may replace LA Reid and Britney Spears as judges on X Factor. Seriously? According to Perez Hilton, Simon Cowell wants to REBOOT again. Maybe he should revamp the style of the show instead? Way too much flash and not enough class.

No doubt, X Factor has the ratings blues and are struggling to find an audience. Reality fans, exhaused from all these music shows appear to have lost interest. Could a ratings hook like Chris Brown and Rihanna bring in an audience or will there be backlash? Personally, Astrochicks thinks X Factor would send the wrong message if they judge together. Considering their history, it would give the impression that they condone violence. We don’t really think Cowell a Libra, should do it.

For Chris Brown and Rihanna, the honeymoon may already be over. Rihanna has tweeted some cryptic messages but of course, she’s an emotional Pisces girl and one week she hates Brown, the next week she loves him. This week, she’s upset that Brown’s ex girlfriend is in Paris.

Rihanna tweeted,  “Examine what you tolerate”, “Goodbye mutha[bleep]er,” “You give, you get, then you give it the [bleep] back.” Well, what did she expect. If you’re going to play with fire…you better expect to get burned. Lets hope Rihanna decides to dump her Taurus man. Stay tuned.

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