The Game’s, baby mama Tiffney is a trip. After watching their reality show, Marrying the Game, I would have cancelled my wedding to Tiffney Cambridge, as well. Not only does she disrespect her man, Tiffney’s way too angry, and controlling. Bridezilla’s nagging, caused the break up. Will these two work it out?

This weekend, Astrochicks decided to do a marathon session of Marrying the Game. After watching three episodes, I needed to pop a few Tylenol from Tiffney’s bitching and moaning. It’s so obvious, she’s the problem in the relationship. You have a man, who treats you like a queen, and you give your man a cinnamon roll + milk. Plus, no sugar in the bedroom? Girl, if you don’t give to him at home, there are PLENTY of girls who will give it to him on the road. What a major drama queen. Girl, get over yourself.

After all, Jayceon “The Game” Taylor who’s a Sagittarius dude, likes to free wheel it. When it comes to life or love, it’s his way or the highway. Growing up, he’s had his share of troubles. Both his parents were drug addicts,  he was in and out of foster care, and has lived the life of a street thug. Fortunately, The Game’s music has turned his life around, but he’s still got the street flowing through his veins.

No doubt, Jayceon loves Tiffney, and they share a unique bond. How did the couple meet? Tiffney reveals, “Through my sister’s kid’s dad. His sister does hair in his barbershop, so when I would go get my hair done, I would see Jayceon there,” said Tiffney, explaining how she met the rapper. “He would flirt back and forth with me, then I would see him sometimes at some parties and he’d just be flirting like, ‘Can I take you out?’ and all that kind of stuff. We had a lot of fun together. When I was with him, I forgot about a lot of the grief that I was going through at that time with my mother passing. He helped me and I helped him when he first left G-Unit. We just really developed a unique friendship and through that we just kind of fell in love.”

In the end, Astrochicks doesn’t think Jayceon should marry Tiffney, until they work their problems out. She needs to tone down her anger and quit using her kids as a weapon. If I were her, I would be embarrassed by my behavior. Turn the dial girl, quit putting your man on blast and focus on the love.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.