FLIPPING OUT, Jeff Lewis Fires Jenni Pulos, Crazy Lawsuit Over Her Tell-All Book, UPDATE!

Did Jeff Lewis really fire Jenni Pulos? In an emotional, Flipping Out season finale, it looks like the terrible twosome, may have parted ways. The straw that broke the camels back, Jenni taking advantage of Jeff’s generosity, and taking freebies from his clients. Shockingly, it doesn’t stop there, what the hell is Jenni thinking.

Yes, Jenni Pulos, is a lovable girl but fame has definitely gone to her pretty little head. We don’t know what zodiac sign she is, but sadly, she’s decided to bite the hand that feeds her. Without Jeff, she wouldn’t have the fabulous career she has now.

For Jeff Lewis, born under the zodiac sign of Aries (originally thought Scorpio), has a natural distrust for others. Normally, he can cut through the crap, and see people for who they really are.  With Jenni, she was like family, and unfortunately he let his guard down. In 2013, Astrochicks predicts it will be a very long and painful year for him.

Last week, Lewis filed a lawsuit against Jenni, to stop her from publishing a “Tell-All” book about working for him. Yes, Jeff can be a difficult person to work for but most crazy, creative, talented people but what high powered celebrity isn’t. On the flip side, we see that Jeff is incredibly generous to those he loves.

According to the lawsuit, Flipping Out boss, Jeff Lewis, is asking for ‘a preliminary and permanent injunction’ against Jenni from ‘publishing any and all facts/or references to events… related in any manner to personal, private, property and confidential information.’

If Astrochicks, was to give Jeff astrological advice, we would tell him to focus on love and marriage. His boyfriend, Gage Edward, wants to have babies and live happily ever after. If he doesn’t put a ring on it soon, Gage, may decide to move on.  If he does get hitched, I think Jeff might be surprised, he will finally find the peace and happiness he has always been looking for. We think Gage is the real deal and he would make a great father.

For Jenni, we would tell her to let the book go. No need to throw Jeff under the bus again. Bad karma.



Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.

Website: http://www.astrochicks.com

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  1. Let me get this clear: There is NO WAY IN HELL my “boss” would use foul language towards me and get away with it. Mr Lewis has a filthy mouth and belittles his employees to the point of tears. This is not a nice man.
    Strange he demands to know what is going on every minute of his employee’s personal lives ,and ,strange he has not been sued for harassment,but maybe he has it is swept under the carpet. Jen and Zoila have taken his abuse for years and years and now maybe his reign is over. Mr Lewis is the last individual whom I would ever hire to do any work on my home. He would be best to get rid of Gage who is nothing more than a snake in the grass. Gage who is jealous of everyone and anything,and is too young for Mr Lewis to begin with. But then they both have the personality of a 3 year old so what difference does it really make? I agree with the above statement that Gage is an abuser. He wants everyone out of there except for Mr Lewis and then I think we are talking about money here. I would advise Mr Lewis to tread very carefully around this guy-keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  2. Jeff is really screwing up! He is losing all the people that matter in his life and will continue to lose if he keeps firing people because he has trust issues. Same thing happened with Ryan. He accused Ryan of trying to steal his clients and look how that turned out. Jeff has no relationship with Ryan or his little girl. Who loses more than anyone? Jeff! Now he gets rid of Jenni for the same reason, distrust! He will systematically kill off all those who are close to him.

    You wanna get rid of someone Jeff? Get rid of that putrid cancer Gage! He is gross and has no personality and he is seriously ruining your life! He is poison! Honestly, I do not understand what you see in that stupid douche bag! He is a loser! Wake up Jeffrey Lewis! You are gonna end up dying alone like Howard Hughes!

  3. BINGO! Jacy Nova…that’s the REAL reason Jeff was pissed at Jenni…he wanted that Cabo get-a-way for him and Gage!
    So it makes Jeff a Douche and a hypocrite!

  4. That’s not true, people hire Jeff because he is a VERY VERY talented interior decorater, not because he has a cool assistant. That’s ridiculous.

    I live in Hollywood, no one is going to hire a designer because they like his staff, it’s because they like his portfolio, the work he does, etc.

    Yes, Jeff can be inappropriate but it’s his business, he can do what he wants.

    I would like to see Jenni branch out on her own, lets see if she’s successful without Jeff. She’s a talented girl.

    For Jeff, he can find another funny assistant to work with him. He will still have his business regardless.

  5. Fans and viewers know Jeff is nuts, but we love him. 1000% he’s a control freak and jealous of those around him that he can’t control. He’s a gay Scoprio for cryin out loud!!
    I know the shows are edited to keep the show’s interest and momentum going, but it’s obvious that Jeff missed the point of how Jenni is a viewed as a “Business Partner” with respect to the business and the shows draw. Jeff would have no bussiness without Gage or Jenni. She does have a life outside his business and is entitled to make new friends even if they are clients. If Jeff can cross the line with his boyfriend working in the company and Jeff is always out of line with comments & jokes, then Jenni can ACCEPT AN OFFER for a guest house stay. THE CLIENT DID OFFER IT,
    Maybe you need to be on you own, No Jenni, No Gage and see how well the company would run. Anybody with more than a few gay male friends has a ‘Jeff” among them, catty, neurotic, jealous, control freak.
    Also, don’t you think that Jeff is jealous of Jenni’s new life and happiness.

  6. Jeff,can be over the top, but at the same token he’s incredibly funny, talented, and generous.

    As much as I love Jenni, she was wrong to take advantage of Jeff’s clients or potential clients. Jenni barely knew the lady and to actually take her up on her offer to use the Cabo home…is very very tacky.

    Plus, not tell Jeff, big huge no-no. You don’t want your clients to feel used. If anyone should have taken them up on the offer, it should have been Jeff + Gage.

    I agree with Jeff, the ONLY time you would say yes is when the client is there with you. Otherwise, say thanks but no thanks.

  7. Jenni is a personality in her own right!
    People like her…and what she brings to the show!
    Jeff by himself is hard to take…he needs Jenni to soften and smooth out his edges! Sorry…without Jenni…It’s a death blow to Flipping Out!

  8. Jenni is a cheeseball, desperate for fame. Any professional knows there is a line you do not cross when in a business relationship and any normal person knows you don’t grab any offer that is made to you just because someone is being polite. I totally agree with Jeff, I was disgusted with Jenni and the lies she has convinced herself are true. She was busted and humiliated and there is no way she’ll ever fess up. She has to go and I’ll not be sorry to say goodbye. Let’s see how many deodorant commercials come her way now….I find her pathetic and I’ve seen her on a soap opera, not a good actress.

  9. Jenni is a disgrace. She was disloyal and selfish with the “Cabo” incident. Her wanting to do a tell-all relating to Jeff shows the very vindictive side of her. Although Jeff might be considered difficult by some, he has been very kind and supportive of Jenni and his other staff members. If Jenni has a fan-base then she should do well doing and autobiography. I can’t imaging Jenni could have afforded the nice wedding she had without Jeff. She should really look back over the years and be thankful for what she had. She blew it. Shameful!

  10. Jeff doesn’t need to destroy everyone who isn’t with him anymore until he understands that, he’ll keep getting people who retaliate. I totally disagree Gage is a good man or that he’ll make a good father. He’s an abuser who has alienated Jeff from all the people who cared about him. Zoila is next.

  11. Wow …, Great way to Kill a lucrative franchise Jeff.
    The High ground would be to accept the the title of being a difficult boss . Simply stating you demand perfection.
    Every one loves to watch someone with O.C disorder.
    It makes for good TV isn’t that what the show is about in the 1st place. I.E Flipping out.
    Suing a friend and former employee just makes Jeff look like a Tyrant.

  12. I completely disagree. Jenni had no right to ask Jeff’s clients for freebies. She has success from his coat tails. Se would be a zero without him. She bit the hand that fed her. She deserves to be fired.

  13. The only Pearson with Bad Karma is Jeff Lewis!
    Jeff is just pissed Jenni got married..and Jeff is no longer the number one person in Jenni’s life!
    How many times did Jeff put Jenni up to asking clients
    for free stuff. Look…Gage is doing a nice job of getting rid of all Jeff’s friends…so Zoila better
    watch her back…because she’s next! LOL…the funny thing is the joke’s on Gage…the only baby Jeff Lewis wants is HIMSELF!

  14. Jenni, If and when YOU start your own business … I would be honored to be your personal executive assistant…. I see your honor and integrity …..how in heavens do i get a message with resume diretly to you? I am sure the first few years you might want to start a family; but why not contact me in between and we can chat about the possiblities of having a loyal person (me) working with you…..I dont like all the drama and mean spirited BS Lewis does on his show and I couldnt even associate myself with someone that cruel… I’d rather work for you anyday !!

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