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ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS, David Petraeus Cheating Scandal, Paula Broadwell a Spy?

Why is America obsessed with the affair between, CIA Director, General David Petraeus and fake biographer, Paula Broadwell? When our neighbors in New York, after Hurricane Sandy, are still freezing their asses off and are without electricity in Staten Island and Rockaway.

Meanwhile, the media is giving non stop coverage, to high powered government officials, who can’t seem to keep in their pants long enough to actually do their job. Some even say, maybe Paula Broadwell is a spy. Of course, we doubt it, but everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.

If you’re into Astrology, Astrochicks, would blame it on Saturn in Scorpio, Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, and the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Also, David Petraeus is a Scorpio and Paula Broadwell is a Scorpio, freaky. We predict what’s hidden will be revealed, all the CIA skeletons will come screaming out of the closet.

Meanwhile, Petraeus, probably wishes he called a hooker instead. Paula Broadwell, she can kiss her marriage goodbye. Our Astrology prediction is the next two years, are going to be very nasty for these two, I hope they will survive the ridicule. We think Broadwell will want to bask in the limelight, Petraeus will be devastated and humiliated. I hope his wife stands by his side.

Late this evening, Mercury will retrograde back into Scorpio and the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is today. What other secrets or hidden agendas will surface? Well, if the media has anything to say about it, they will keep digging, until they find more hidden treasure of gossip. Astrochicks, is very concerned for Petraeus’s emotional well being, we feel he may “crack” under pressure.

In the middle of the hornets nest, is a “VIP Hostess” for the government, Jill Kelley, who got her undies in a knot because Paula Broadwell sent her “threatening” emails. Translation, two jealous cheating wives, fighting over a couple of old farts, in the military.

One reader, broke the scandal down, which reads like a daytime soap opera.

1 – CIA Director, General David Petraeus, resigned over an affair with biographer, Paula Broadwell.

2 – The affair was under investigation by FBI because Broadwell sent threatening emails to socialite Jill Kelley, who she perceived as a rival for Petraeus’ affections.

3 – But Kelley is actually the mistress of General John Allen a Sagittarius, who is now also under investigation (but probably no longer in line to be the NATO supreme allied commander for Europe).

4 – Meanwhile, the FBI agent who started the probe (no pun intended) is under investigation for sending shirtless photos of himself to Kelley.

5 – Then there’s the child custody battle involving Kelley’s twin sister with both Petraeus and Allen vouching for the sister’s abilities as a mother.

6 – But, according to Broadwell’s father, this is all a big smoke screen for the “real” story.

For Astrochicks, Jill Kelley, needs to get a life. For some reason, she thinks she’s SO IMPORTANT, that the FBI should investigage Paula Broadwell because they are fighting over CIA Director, David Petraeus. First off, she’s married, allegedly cheating and is one drama mama. Meanwhile, this is happening on tax payers dollars, and we have REAL problems in the world that need to be solved. Instead, Jill Kelley, wants them to focus on her. Maybe she should join Real Housewives?

Astrologically speaking, Obama needs to clean house, if these fools, are that easily distracted by women, they don’t need to be in such powerful positions. We expect the scandal to get much bigger, causing more distractions, and leaving our President wondering who can he trust? Oh, Scorpio, you can be so cruel.

For us mere mortals, more secrets will be revealed in 2012, for those that are paying attention. And November looks to be a doozie for buried truth erupting up to the surface. Burn those personal diaries and if you feel the need to make a confession, visit your priest, don’t tell your BFF, unless you want the whole world to find out. Buckle up baby, we predict that 2012 will end with a bang.

In case you’re worried, we recommend own personal astrology reading, check out Patty Kamson, she’s on of our favorites. Enjoy!

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