What’s the latest on Bachleorette Emily, and her ex boyfriends Jef Holm and Arie? Where the stars collide, the hearts have moved on. All three are already dating, who’s hooked up with who? Here’s the latest Bachelorette rumors and updates.

For Bachelorette Emily, born under the sign of Aquarius, she has no problems jumping back into the dating scene. Rumored to have her eye on another Nascar driver, she’s ready to move on. Astrologically speaking, we don’t think she’s ready to get married or settle down. If Bachelorette Emily is smart, she will wait at least a couple of years before getting engaged for the fourth time. Just sayin.

For Arie a Virgo, he’s a practical guy and definitely a Playboy. He’s got a second chance at love, after being dumped by Bachelorette Emily. When it comes to love, he stuck close to home and chose a former Bachelor winner, Courtney Robertson a Cancer girl. The two were spotted on a romantic date, only two days after she split from Bachelor Ben. Wow, what a rebound.

Of course, Courtney tried to explain her bad behavior, she said, “I was heartbroken and just wanted to go out and have fun. It was nothing more than a night out.” A source then told Life & Style that Courtney had no plans to see Arie again, claiming she realized it was too soon after her break up with Ben Flajnik to date. Only problem, she was spotted in Venice Beach with him again. Liar, liar pants on fire.

For Jef Holm a Leo, he’s definitely been a busy boy. Outed by several ex girlfriends, we are wondering if his engagement to Bachelorette Emily was a publicity stunt? Astrochicks never quite understood the connection between these two. Emily seemed more into Arie, she couldn’t stop kissing him.

According to Reality Tea, “Jef was dating 5 girls at once [including Kaylee Sheperd] before he went on the Bachelorette. After filming was over, he met up with all the girls to explain he went on the show for fun and wanted to start up the relationships again.” You can read all the juicy gossip about Jef here, it’s pretty funny. Another player.

Other Bachelorette gossip, Kalon has moved to Manhattan Beach, where Astrochicks lives. We haven’t ran into him at Starbucks yet but I’m sure we will see him around. For more fun Bachelor + Bachelorette gossip, click here. Enjoy!


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