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KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN Rumors, Scott Disick Love Drama, Baby Daddy Update!

Is Kourtney Kardashian having romance troubles with baby daddy Scott Disick? In Keeping Up With the Kardashians, fans want to know if these two will ever get married. The latest rumor was Scott was spotted partying with a very sexy blonde in a Vegas casino. Oh no, is our Gemini boy cheating?

It’s no secret that Kourtney and Scott have their share of problems. After having baby number two, Kourtney appears to be bored with her man, and refuses to marry him. She treats him more like a breeder versus husband material. Has our Aries girl finally pushed her handsome boyfriend away?

One source told The Daily, “It seemed so obvious his relationship with Kourtney is for show. He’s using her name to be able to headline events like this and get free booze and chicks for himself and his friends. Meanwhile, she’s at home with two kids. It’s sad.”

On the flip side, Kardashian fans are not so sympathetic towards Kourtney and feel she’s part of the problem. One fan commented: “Maybe Kourtney should marry him instead of treating him like a stud to get pregnant. When you constantly are turned down, when you ask someone to marry you, but are kept around to sleep in your girlfriends bed only to be a breeder, something is wrong. Kourtney has never told him to leave, so maybe thats why he sticks around, to be a doormat. I like Scott and feel sorry for him for being involved with an ice princess. It is so obvious, it has been discussed by the other family members on the program and all agree he is a good dad.” What’s a Gemini dude to do?

Astrologically speaking, we may not understand Kourtney and Scott’s relationship but they do. Obviously, they both come from a dysfuntional family and this is how love works for them. In the end, even if they broke up, Astrochicks thinks they would get back together. They love each other and are co-dependent. Plus, this adds more drama to the Kardashian reality roller coaster.  We see Khloe and Lamar splitting before these two. Stay tuned.


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  1. In the first paragraph, you have spelt blonde incorrectly. Just letting you know :)


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