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BACHELORETTE EMILY Rumors, Jef Holm Break Up, New Reality Love?

Will Bachelorette Emily Maynard get a THIRD chance at love? In case you haven’t heard, our runaway bride has split with fiance, Jef Holm.  I guess it’s hard for her to be engaged longer than three months. Now, Bachelorette rumors are swirling, that Mike Fleiss wants to give Bachelorette Emily’s cheating heart another chance to find love. Seriously? Here’s the latest rumors.

Born under the sign of Aquarius, Bachelorette Emily, claims she wants to get married but appears she prefers her freedom instead. With Brad Womack stating he dodged a bullet, we’re pretty sure that Jef Holm a Leo, probably feels a sense of relief as well.  Does our Aquarius girl really want to get married or just really really famous?

According to various reports, Bachelorette Emily cheated on Jef while filming the popular reality show. In fact, while they were visting Jef’s family in South Carolina, our Aquarius girl was busted sexting NFL star, Matt Leinart. Not classy, while they are visiting his family?  “Our relationship isn’t what it seems,” Jef reportedly told the source who revealed the scandal to US Weekly.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelorette Emily with her Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Scorpio can be quite volatile in relationships. Moody and stubborn, she may have knee jerk reactions to emotional situations. On the flip side, Astrochicks just thinks she’s immature. Bachelorette Emily’s not ready to get married and even if she does the reality show for the third time, she will not find love. Maybe a nervous breakdown but that’s about it.

For Jef Holm our sweet Leo boy. He’s going to enjoy his new star status and date for the next couple of years. Astrochicks predicts he will get married in late 2014, Jef will choose a girl who shares his same values and passion for social causes. Team Jef all the way! For Bachelorette Emily, we think she should focus on her daughter and forget Hollywood. Stay tuned.



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  1. Jef I was rooting for you from the beginning. You had me from the skateboarding entrance. Evidently Emily doesn’t deserve you. So sad because she will end up with a playboy that will treat her
    Ike crap she is incapable of finding anyone different. You are
    Iucky to figure this out before it is too late. Best of luck to meeting someone better. Much love to you. And I wish I could say the same for Emily but I just don’t have it in my heart to say it. I thought she was a nice person but I don’t think so. I love u jef and wish u the best ..

  2. I think your predictions and advice are spot on!! This was my favorite season of The Bachelorette. I thought Jef & Emily were a couple who really had a chance to make it. I refused to believe the tabloids when they reported Emily was cheating. I agree with you, she is very immature, and we may also forget how young she truly is. Jef seems to have totally committed himself to Emily & also Ricki. Yes, Aquarians are not happy being just ordinary, they do like fame!! I hope the future you predict for Jef is true, he deserves all the best, he has great energy all around him and the good looks to go with it. I also wish the best for Emily, whatever that path may be!!


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