MILEY CYRUS Update, Nick Jonas New Wedding Bells Song, Still in Love With Ex Girlfriend?

Is Nick Jonas still in love with Miley Cyrus? In the Jonas Brothers new song, Wedding Bells, the bittersweet lyrics talk about a love lost and mixed emotions about an ex girlfriend getting married. Sound familiar, or did Nick Jonas write a song about Miley to cause controversy?

One of the lyrics in Wedding Bells, the song says that Nick’s anniversary with the girl is “eleven nights into June.” In Miley’s biography, she said she met her first love on June 11, 2006, which was when she met her ex boyfriend, Nick.

The song continues, “She says, can you keep a secret  A ceremony set for June  I know it’s a rush but I just love him so much  I hope that you can meet him soon.” Nick Jonas thinks to himself,    “No, I dont wanna love  If it’s not you  I dont wanna hear the wedding bells bloom  Maybe we can try  One last time  But I dont wanna hear the wedding bells chime.” Gee, I wonder what Miley’s fiance Liam thinks about the song? You can read the rest of the lyrics here.

Astrologically speaking, Nick Jonas a Virgo is not a good love match for Miley Cyrus a Sagittarius girl. Nick is way too conservative and controlling for our free spirited girl. Yes, sweet first love but not one that leads to marriage.

For Miley a Sag, she needs a man who will give her a strong foundation to stand on, without holding on too tight. For Liam Hemsworth, who’s a macho Australian guy, who’s born under the sign of Capricorn, definitely offers Miley that. He definitely has the down to earth style that Miley loves so much, he’s strong, and passionate as well. Still, Astrochicks thinks they are a bit young to get married but it could still work.

For Nick Jonas, Astrochicks predicts he will continue dating and will find a new serious girlfriend in about 5 years. At that time, we see him getting engagement and married. Stay tuned.


Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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