The X Factor top 24, headed to the judges house this week. Simon Cowell is mentoring the groups, Demi Lovato young adults, Britney Spears teen singers, and pouty L.A. Reid the over 25 group.  Who will make it to the final 16 and live show? Warning, X Factor spoilers ahead.

The heat is on to find the $5 million dollar singer or group, who will win X Factor this year? Will it be a group or a teen pop star? Simon Cowell definitely needs a hit, with One Direction becoming a pop sensation selling millions of records, we think he may be looking for the next Bieber or pop group to win the X Factor competition.

On tonight’s episode, Marc Anthony was the mentor for Simon Cowell’s group competition. Astrochicks thought it was weird, he was chosen to help decide who would go through to the X Factor live shows. No boy band members available to judge?

Anyway, there have been several rumors who makes it to the final 16, with one wildcard making it the final 17. Who moves on to the live competition? Check out the X Factor spoilers below.

Britney Spears, teen singers ages 12 to 16 – guest mentor is Beatrice Miller, Arin Ray, Carly Rose Sonenclar, and Diamond White. Astrochicks bet is on Diamond White, that girl can sing, she’s the next Whitney Houston.

Demi Lovato, young adult singers 17 to 24 – guest mentor is Nick Jonas: Jennel Garcia, Willie Jones, Paige Thomas, and CeCe Frey. For Astrochicks, we do not see the infatuation that Demi has with CeCe, we are just not feeling it, she will not make it to the finals, she’s just not likable.  She looks more like a pinup girl, not a pop star.

L.A. Reid, over 25 singers, with a cranky attitude –  guest mentor is Justin Bieber: Vino Alan, Jason Brock, David Correy, and Tate Stevens. Some rumors say Tara Simon made it, once again Astrochicks is not feeling her, we don’t see her winning the competition or selling millions of records, she is hopefully out.

Simon Cowell, who is in charge of the group – guest mentor is Marc Anthony:  Emblem3, the surfers from Huntington Beach, Lyric145,  featuring Lyric Da Queen, with the TLC vibe,  the girl group Lylas (does Simon know there is another group with that name), and the other boy group, he put together, Playback which I think Simon hopes will be the next One Direction.

The Lylas members, originally auditioned as solo singers, are Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, Normani Hamilton, Dinah-Jane Hansen and Lauren Jauregui. They are ages 16 to 19.

X Factor created boy band, Playback.  The group’s members, who originally auditioned as solo singers, are Austin Corini, Brandon Hassan, Josh Metzler, Johnny Maxwell and Aaron Stuart. They are all 16 years old. Start screaming girls.

Astrochicks, X Factor predictions, not based on the stars, just pure cosmic intuition and personal taste. Playback and Lyric145, will bring it for Simon Cowell’s group. Both will get a record deal either way.

For Britney Spears, we think that Diamond White and Arin Ray, will be the top two. Astrochicks really loves Diamond and we see her in the finals, she is amazing.

For L.A Reid, we think his top two are Tate Stevens and David Correy. For David, we hope he finds his birth mom, we really like him, and we think he will connect with the audience on an emotional level.

For Demi Lovato, we think her top two are Jennel Garcia and Willie Jones. They both have real star power to make. For other X Factor spoilers, click here. Enjoy.


Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.