LIAM NEESON Wedding, Taken 2 Star Getting Married to Girlfriend Freya?

Liam Neeson has cemented his superstar status with his new movie, Taken 2. The action film kicked ass and raked in over $50 million dollars at the box office, proving you can still be dang sexy at the age of 60. Who’s the Irish hunk dating now?

About 18 months after Nathasha Richardson passed away, Liam Neeson fell in love with a English blond named Freya St. Johnson, who he had known for 10 years. A single parent as well, the rumor is Neeson’s happily engagedto his girlfriend, but they haven’t confirmed or denied the reports.

Born under the sign of Gemini, Liam Neeson, has told friends he thought he would never get over the death of his beloved wife Natasha Richardson, who sadly passed in a freak ski accident. Fortunately for Liam, his girlfriend Freya has been a ray of sunshine in his life after so much darkness. You can check out a picture of his fiancee here.

A source says, “Liam has been very careful to respect Natasha’s memory and not move too fast back into the world of dating, but Liam’s sons like Freya and told him that Natasha would have wanted him to be happy. They’re thrilled that their dad is in love”, they added.

Astrologically speaking, Liam Neeson will continue to embrace life and enjoy the moment. When it comes to marriage, Astrochicks would recommend that he wait to get married until next summer, when the stars will be aligned for Liam and Freya,  and is a more auspicious time for love. Either way, we wish them lots of happiness. She’s one lucky lucky girl.


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  1. I told you I’ve seen all those, St. Tropez was the place he and Natasha went annually with family and friends as well.

    I am not stating that you are wrong, indeed you may believe what you want to as well.

    I just stated I am skeptic.

  2. There has been no confirmation that they are indeed dating, and I’ve seen them kissing in all those articles, however the man is going through the grieving process, so there are phases where they are vulnerable and will jump into what seem like relationships, but doesn’t equal an engagement.

  3. I am skeptic of this report as Liam has publicly claimed he is not even dating, nor interested at this age. He is still very deep in grief for his wife, and has spoken of looking forward to the day they’re reunited.
    The rest of this seems to be speculation and rumors. Every time it is stated he is dating he has just been out with a woman. I am surprised they didn’t rumour he was dating Joely Richardson as she moved in with him for a period and he spends a lot of time with the Richardsons as well.
    Certainly people are allowed their opinion, since Natasha was married at the time her and Liam met, both publicists denied rumours of the relationship, but they were soul mates, she changed him completely, before he hadn’t even wanted to marry.

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