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PHILLIP PHILLIPS New Album Update, Girlfriend Hannah Are They Getting Married?

When will Phillip Phillips release his first album? In a new interview, the singer discusses wrapping up the American Idol tour, and what fans can expect to hear on his new album. Will Phillip write his own songs or will Idol assign him writers who will pen tunes like, “Home,” which has become a smash hit, selling millions of singles. What does the future hold for our famous Virgo boy? Read on!

Phillip Phillips definitely is a down to earth guy still trying to learn the ropes. Surrounded by a stellar group of Idol advisors, he’s trying to choose the best songs for his new album, which  may be titled “Songs.” Also, Phillip’s is writing a few tunes of his own, some similar to “Home” and others with the Dave Matthews vibe.  What about the American Idol curse? Is Phillip Phillips superstitious.

In a new interview, Philips says: “Some people might think I’m different; some people think I’m the same,” he said. “But I feel different from the past winners.” He added, “I just play music because I love it. I don’t want to do anything but play music. … I’m not worried about [the curse].”

Astrologically speaking, Phillips has just turned 22, and is embarking on a new chapter in his love. Still crazy in love with his girlfriend, Hannah Blackwell, who joined him on the Phillipine leg of the American Idol tour.  Phillips says, “I’m just a regular guy trying to make it in the world.” Aww, such a down to earth Virgo guy.

In 2013, Astrochicks predicts an engagement for Phillips and his girl Hannah. Maybe a big American Idol wedding in 2014?  Well, the stars are aligned, we definitely think they have that soulmate connection. Wishing them the best.


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