Who will win Bachelor Pad? Now that Kalon and Lindzi where evicted, there are only a few couples left vying for the chance at love and $250k. Although, most guys are in the house for the money, our Bachelor Pad girls have romantic dreams of finding Prince Charming. Warning, major Bachelor Pad spoilers ahead.

For Astrochicks, it’s shocking that Chris and Sarah have made it this far. Definitely not a house favorite, Chris has managed to piss off everyone in the Bachelor Pad house, not to mention fans. He’s definitely a competitive guy, who claims to be heartbroken over Emily, but uses women like a box of Kleenex. Hmm…Astrochicks doesn’t see Chris winning any money but at least he has captured Sarah’s heart.

For Tony and Blakeley, they found love and are now officially engaged. Wow, that was fast. Personally, Astrochicks is happy for single dad Tony, he seems like a really sweet guy and it’s nice he’s found someone to share his life with.

For Kalon and Lindzi are they still together? According to a new interview, yes they are. Kalon debunks rumors he’s cheating on his girl. He says, “We are absolutely, 100% dating. You can’t believe everything you read. I read some other article that said my net worth was $3m. That’s certainly not true either – I wish! We have spent plenty of weekends together. We talk on the phone all day every day and whenever I get a chance she either comes down here or I go up to Seattle. It is unfortunately a long distance relationship but as far as those go it’s the best, healthiest relationship we could ask for at this point.” Gee, I wonder if he’s talking about Reality Steve, king of spoilers?

So who wins Bachelor Pad? The lucky person to walk away with $250k is Nick Peterson. Yes, that’s right he chose NOT to share the cash with Rachel Trueheart. Who is Nick? Well, Bachelor Pad fans he’s definitely single and has lots of money to spend.

In a recent interview, Nick revealed the type of girl who would pull his heart strings. He said, “I am a country music fan, so I love heading to the amphitheater, laying out a blanket and listening to some great live music,” adding,  “Line dancing is another favorite; so either of those would be great dates.”   Erica is a Texas girl? Astrochicks predicts after winning Bachelor Pad, we don’t think he will have any trouble finding a date. Stay tuned.


Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.