Bachelorette Emily and fiance, Jef Holm, survived their first love hiccup. Someone started a nasty rumor, insinuating that Ms. Emily was cheating on her man. So soon, the show just ended. The rumor spread like wildfire, with Jef a Leo taking the lead, and posting on Facebook that the story was totally BOGUS!

Personally, Astrochicks thinks that Bachelorette Emily isn’t the cheating type. She’s a single mom, who has a great guy, who she really loves, and is moving cross country to be with her. We think Jef is her knight in shining armour, a lovely Leo guy, who seems to truly care for her.

“It’s one hundred percent not true,” Maynard tells PEOPLE exclusively of the cheating accusations.

According to reports, the couple had a blowout fight while vacationing with Holm’s family and Maynard’s 7-year-old daughter Ricki in Myrtle Beach, S.C., last weekend.   “It’s funny to me,” Holm tells PEOPLE. “We were in a gated community in a private home with just my brothers and sisters. It’s just bogus a ‘source’ would [say] we were fighting. None of that is true.”

“I have never been more in love or felt more confident about our relationship,” Maynard says. “We’re so excited about the future and to be back in Charlotte and things are actually happening – looking at places to live and going to school. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”

We are really happy for our Aquarius girl, Bachelorette Emily, definitely deserves a Prince Charming, who will care for Ricki and her. What’s next up for the couple? Jef will be moving to North Carolina soon. Stay tuned.





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Jacy Nova

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