Who will win Bachelor Pad this season? Last night, Erica Rose went out in a blaze of glory, upset that she was betrayed by her bestie Michael, she was sooo upset that instead of taking Chris Bukowski with her, she flipped the script and took Stagliano instead. Now that the competition has been turned upside down, who will win the $250k? Warning Bachelor Pad spoilers ahead.

It’s no secret, Michael Stagliano, definitely has to be one of the worst liars. He’s too nice of a guy to try being shady, he failed miserably at it. On the flip side, Chris Bukowski has no problem being evil or back stabbing anyone. He has one eye on the $250k prize and the other on Sarah’s rack. He’s definitely got his priorities straight. Bachelorette Emily definitely dodged a bullet with this guy.

For Rachel Truehart, she bawled her eyes out, acting like Stagliano was off to Afghanistan, never to been seen again. Who will be her partner now? Will she start playing tonsil hockey with someone else now? Maybe Ed or Chris? No way, if the Bachelor Pad spoilers are true, Rachel becomes partners with Nick, which turns out to be a blessing in disguise. These two are suppose to be in the Bachelor Pad finals, with either Ed + Jacyln, or Chris + Sarah.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks is surprised that these girls are so blinded by love. All of them went on the Bachelor Pad to find love, all the guys agreed to be on the show to get laid and for the money. Well, almost all the guys, Tony and Blakely found love, in fact Reality Steve says she’s moving to Portland, and he’s going to propose on the Bachelor Pad finale. Aww, we are happy for them.

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Jacy Nova

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