Big Brother 14, has more twist and turns than a rollercoaster ride at Six Flags. Tonight, America voted on whether the coaches should be allowed to compete. Also, Shane who is HOH and won POV, flipped the script, taking Ashley off the eviction block, and putting up Frank instead. Who was the evicted houseguest, Frank or Joe? Who won the HOH Endurance Challenge? Warning Big Brother 14 spoilers ahead.

Of course, America voted YES to have the coaches enter the game asap. Suprisingly, Boogie votes AGAINST resetting the game. Probably because outside of the BB14 house, he’s a millionaire, and restauranteur…so he really doesn’t need the cash. Plus, Astrochicks thinks he’s formed a solid bond with Frank and wants to get him to the final 3.  It doesn’t matter, because the other coaches vote to enter the game and all alliances are off. Now they are playing to win HOH, my bet is on Boogie + Frank.

The other major Big Brother 14 spoiler, no eviction tonight, Frank and Joe get to stay in the game. Woo hoo, Shane you better watch your back buddy. Boogie and Frank are coming after you. Also, the alliance between Janelle and Wil is on the outs. Will he join Boogie’s team?

In tonight’s HOH Endurance Challenge, everyone is in it to win it but…Boogie. He really just wants to be a coach or is this his strategy? He wants the other coaches to think he doesn’t care. This way, he can take Frank, Ian, and himself to the Big Brother 14 finale.

As of 10pm PST, the following three Big Brother 14 houseguests are still in the HOH Challenge: Ian, Danielle, and Britney. Who will be new HOH? Stay tuned or if you want to check out more BB14 spoilers, click here. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Danielle won HOH Challenge, Shane continues to rule. Yes, they have put Frank up for eviction nomination again and Wil.

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Jacy Nova

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