Justin Bieber loves his girlfriend Selena Gomez. This year, he made sure our Leo girls birthday was extra special. Especially, after Selena was serenaded by fans at the Teen Choice Awards, he celebrated with his girl afterward in style.

It’s no secret, Justin a Pisces, is SUPER romantic and loves to spoil his girl. Selena looking pretty in pink, was whisked away by her boyfriend and treated to an intimate dinner Il Cielo restaurant in Beverly Hills. Also, she was surprised by some lovely lavender colored roses of love. You can check out the photos here.

AceShowbiz reports, Selena and Justin were joined by family and friends. She tweeted afterward, “Beyond blessed, so much love. Thank you for the most incredible birthday yet! I’m truly, truly grateful. I love my family, friends and all of you.”

Selena a Leo princess is one step closer to turning 21, while boyfriend Biebs is two years younger. It may be young love for these two but they definitely have a soulmate match. With Justin’s sweet and sensitive Pisces personality, definitely meshes well with Selena’s fiery Leo side. She loves the attention and gifts he showers her with. Plus, Selena likes the fact that her man is adored by millions. Power is sexy for our girl.

Astrologically speaking, we think 2013 will be a positive year for both Justin and Selena. Astrochicks does worry though, that Selena will get restless once she turns 21. She may fall hard for a future co-star and may decide to leave Justin for an older man. IF that happens, there will be plenty of girls to mend his little Pisces heart. For your own free daily horoscope and astrology reading, click here. Enjoy!

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Jacy Nova

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