Bachelorette Emily is down to her final two, who will she give the final rose to? Will it be Jef Holm, Sean Lowe, or race car driver Arie?

This season, Reality Steve, had a bumpy ride with his Bachelorette spoilers. The show creator, Mike Fleiss, went off on Twitter today, gloating that he flipped the script on the reality show blogger. Really? Reality Steve revealed the correct final two, on his post tonight. What’s Fleiss talking about? Warning, Bachelorette Emily spoilers ahead, plus some interesting commentary by former castmates.

Several former Bachelor + Bachelorettes weighed in on the “Fantasy Suite” controversy. Why did Bachelorette Emily have to act so chaste? Is it because she’s a single mom, her religious convinctions, or to protect her daughter Ricky? Of course in America, we lean towards more conservative morals, and there is a double standard. Most Bachelors opt for the Fantasy Suite, excited over the opportunity to take a test drive, before putting a ring on it.

David Good, author of the “Man Code,” posted on Sulia:  “It is such a double standard for Men VS Woman. My boy Jason went to 3 or 4 fantasy suites and I don’t remember anyone saying a word about it or mentioning his kid. Not saying either was right or wrong just the way we as viewer judge it. Why is that???? ” Well, Astrochicks thinks it has more to do with Bachelorette Emily’s choice, not production. Hey, she’s building a family brand here.

Astrochicks likes Jenna Burke’s post: “I think Emily made a great choice tonight…for herself, that is! Sean is a perfect guy just not for Emily. Arie and Emily are missing something which leaves Jef. I like seeing these 2 together and more importantly I like who they are with each other. Had a blast tonight chatting with everyone:) Until next time! xx” I guess Jenna didn’t watch the end, when reportedly Bachelorette Emily gives the final rose to Jef + Arie.

Our favorite former Bachelorette contestant, Jesse Csincsak an Aries, says: “Love this week of #TheBachelorette, this is when #Production factor drops off just a bit and things become a little more REAL !! Now Bachelorette Emily and the guys know what they are getting in to.”

In the end, she gave the Fantasy Suite card to Jef and Sean, leaving Arie the odd man out. Bachelorette Emily explains she doesn’t trust herself to be alone with him, how much she loves kissing him, blah, blah. According to Bachelorette spoilers, she picks Jef Holm, that’s got to be weird hearing about all that sexual energy between these two. Translation, Arie a Virgo is the hook up guy, and Jef a Leo, is the man you spend your life with.

In the end, Bachelorette Emily our Aquarius girl,  gives Jef and Arie the final two roses. Which is kinda weird, considering she claimed it was “love at first sight” for Sean, who seemed like the perfect guy. Will she pull a Jason? Probably not.

To read all the commentary, click here. Enjoy!

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