Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, has become the new guilty pleasure for VH1 fans. Between Stevie J’s love triangle with his baby mama and Joseline Hernandez, plus Momma Dee and Scrappy in the house, you know the drama is going to be off the hook.

In fact, a massive beef is brewing between Stevie J. and Scrappy. Where puffed up egos collide, at a recent event, Stevie J. disrespected Erica by calling her a b****. Naturally, Momma Dee, who protects her brood is not having it. She’s giving her son Scrappy marching orders to set the record straight.

For Stevie J. born under the sign of Aquarius, we think he’s playing not only his baby mama Mimi, but Joseline as well. This fool isn’t settling down with anyone. He’s a stone cold player, mixed with that icey Aquarian energy, he’s allergic to the word commitment. A smooth tongued devil, he tries to keep his ladies happy with cash, and a little loving every once in awhile. Astrochicks recommends that Mimi should take the money and run. Go girl, go.

Astrologically speaking, Stevie J. may be flying high with the success of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but his love life will take a hit in 2013. We predict Mimi Faust may find a new man, which will definitely put Stevie J. on red alert. He doesn’t want to lose his baby mama’s love, does he? Will he step up and be a man? Put a ring on Mimi’s finger or keep catting around? Reportedly, the couple have an open relationship but after awhile, that’s got to get tired.

For Joseline Hernandez, she’s probably suffering from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fan backlash. She’s the girl everyone loves to hate and the comments have not been kind. Astrochicks recommends she turn up the feminine side, tones down the tough girl side, and show us some heart. We all know she’s just insecure and like everyone else, Joseline wants to be loved. Word to the wise, Stevie J. is not your man, he never will be. Keep in strictly business and you will be more happy.

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Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.