Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce drama is getting messy. It appears our Sagittarius girl was fed up with her husband Tom’s controlling ways. Also, not very keen on Scientology, she wants to give Suri, an opportunity to grow up in a normal environment. Wow, she really likes to sling the dirt. Just imagine if she writes a tell all book. Check out our astrology predictions for our star crossed lovers.

In the latest divorce update of Hollywood’s hottest couple. one “source,” claims Katie felt like her marriage was like the movie, Rosemary’s Baby. Ouch! I guess she got bored of being called “Tomkat” and with Tom hitting 50 this week, she decided to hit the door. Our Sagittarius girls need to be free. Run, Katie, run!

E Online reports, Cruise and Holmes have a prenup. E! News has learned that the contract calls for payouts to Holmes in the event of a divorce, with specific amounts depending on how long they were married. Division of property and child custody are also discussed in the prenup, we’re told, but the exact details are subject to negotiation.

For Tom Cruise, who’s filming a movie in Iceland, it’s business as usual. He’s filming his upcoming movie, Oblivion. It was only two weeks ago when his wife Katie and daughter visited him on set. Now, he has his son Connor by his side for love and support.

Many gossip blogs, media outlets, etc. have said the relationship between Tom + Katie was manufactured. A contract marriage, which would boost the movie stars career, and to have a biological child. Anyway, we will never really know the TRUE story about Tom Cruise. Born under the sign of Cancer, he’s a fiercely private guy, who works hard to maintain his Hollywood image. Unfortunately, he only knows how to be an actor and maybe not a real life husband.

Katie Holmes has filed for full custody of her daughter, Suri. In reality, she will most likely get it, if she’s allowed to have divorce proceedings held in New York. After all, Tom’s a pretty busy guy, and for Katie she wants to get back into television. This way, she can stay close to her daughter.

Astrologically speaking, Tom Cruise will be fine. Onward and upward, he will have a hot new actress on his arm in no time. For Katie, we think she will bounce back with an old lover or friend. Astrochicks predicts she will get remarried within 3 years. For Tom, we don’t see a new marriage anytime soon. Time to stay a Bachelor. Stay tuned.


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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.