Bachelorette Emily has chosen her final four, tonight, she will head to her hometown dates to meet the family. After Chris’s temper tantrum last week, does he even stand a chance? Can Emily win over Arie’s Dutch mother? Will she impress Jef’s family or will they be unhappy with the fact she’s not Mormon? Last but not least, will Sean’s family win Emily’s heart over? Warning, Bachelorette Spoilers ahead.

Tonight’s episode, we get to see a more personal side of each Bachelorette boy. Emily who seems to be smitten with Arie, may not be ready to be a single dad to her daughter. Also, if you have read Reality Steve’s spoilers, Arie appears to be quite the ladies man in Arizona. Well, of course, he’s a race car drive. What do you expect? Even though he’s a Virgo, they tend to have a sexually freaky side.

For Sean, he’s not only good looking but a practical joker. He pretends he still lives with his parents and sends Bachelorette Emily into a tizzy, almost costing him a rose. She says, “As soon as we walk in, I just notice a mess,” says Maynard. “In that moment, every amazing thing I had thought about Sean had completely shattered. He’s a mess — and he’s really into stuffed animals!” Ha, gotta love Scorpio men, super sexy and funny! Lets hope our Aquarius girl has a sense of humor.

For Jef Holm, we keep reading Bachelorette spoilers and rumors that he gets the final rose. Sorry, we don’t see the chemistry. They look like two junior kids in love. Maybe cute for moment but our Bachelorette Emily needs a man. Well, we have to give him props for being romantic, and he has a pretty amazing surprise for her.

For Chris, well, he really doesn’t have a chance and is on his way to the Bachelor Pad. A very cute guy but still emotionally immature. He gets sent home packing tonight. Sorry Chris. 🙁

Astrologically speaking, we don’t see Bachelorette Emily marrying any of her guys in the future. We think her final two will be Sean and Jef. Yes, maybe she will get engaged, but in the end, what she really wants is fame and fortune. The stars are aligned for our girl and Hollywood will be calling. Maybe she should hook up with Chris Harrison.  Stay tuned!



Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.