The Basketball Wives drama continues. The latest rumor is that Shaunie has kicked Jennifer Williams, Kesha Nichols, and Royce Reed to the curb. I guess bully’s triumph over classy ladies. What’s the deal?

Astrochicks loves Basketball Wives but we weren’t feeling this season. It’s not attractive to see grown ass women act like punks. From throwing wine bottles, to threatening bodily harm, you would think we were watching a bunch of hoodrats, Basketball Gang Wives.

Sometimes, Astrochicks thinks these reality stars get too caught up with fame and fortune. They forget about how ridiculous they look, I wonder what they will think of the show 5 years from now. Yes, we like drama but maybe put a positive spin on it as well. Girls love all the glam and glitz.

In a new article by Reality Tea, they report on the latest Basketball Wives rumors. They says,  “Next on the chopping is block is Jennifer Williams.  Hmmm…I guess we won’t be seeing a Jenn and Evelyn Lozada reconciliation like John Salley hinted at when the reunion wrapped.  Apparently, Jenn and all her willy-nilly lawsuits for silly and trivial things (like getting punched in the face) make her too much of a liability.  I have to laugh my arse off at that rationale.  Had Evelyn’s wine bottle met Kenya Bell’s head, she could have been very seriously hurt…but that Jenn, she’s a liability!” Totally agree with Reality Tea, Shaunie what are you thinking girl? You can read the rest of the article here, definitely food for thought.

Astrologically speaking, most of these girls aren’t really Basketball Wives anymore, anyway. For Jennifer Williams, she’s being stalked by the repo man who wants his Bentley back. I guess ex husband Eric stopped making payments.  Isn’t our girl rolling in the money? I can’t believe she’s broke.

For Shaunie, who’s a Sagittarius girl, stands for truth and adventure. Of course, freedom of speech can be taken too far and is outright bullying. If anyone should get fired, Astrochicks thinks Tami needs to be kicked to the curb and escorted to closest anger management class. She’s scary!

Evelyn Lozada, we hope our Sagittarius girl has learned her lesson. She’s way too beautiful to always behave badly. Get your temper in check and focus on the positive. She could be a wonderful role model for women and definitely has a head for business.

Maybe it’s time for Basketball Wives to reboot the entire cast. New girls, new storyline, and a new attitude.  Stay tuned.



Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.