Love & Hip Hop in Hotlanta, promises to get down and dirty. The new VH1 series, who’s the baby sister of NYC, lets fans take a peek into Atlanta’s rapper scene. With a start studded cast, we can expect the girls to throw down.

Love & Hip Hop, Atlanta features: Grammy Award-winning producer Stevie J (Diddy, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey), his girlfriend, Mimi Faust, and his protegee, an up-and-coming Latina rapper named Joseline; rapper Lil Scrappy, his girlfriend, Erica Dixon, and his mother, a former hustler known as “Momma Dee”; Atlanta rapper Rasheeda, her manager-husband Kirk Frost; songstress K. Michelle; and Trinidadian R&B singer Karlie Redd. Astrochicks money is on Lil Scrappy who’s a Capricorn and all biz. Plus,  his mother, Momma Dee.

One of the Mamacita’s, keeping it 100% is K. Michelle a Taurus girl. She says, “You know what? For me, I have my own issues. It’s very difficult for me to judge the girls on “Basketball Wives” or any of the women on “Mob Wives” or any of the women who are showing their lives on VH1. But what I did want to pay attention to is that I’m portrayed right. I’m not perfect in this show, by any means. The biggest things I wanted the producers to portray is not an innocent K. Michelle but an honest and real K. Michelle.” You go girl. Astrochicks expects her to stand her ground during the season, she’s a little stubborn, and doesn’t back down when confronted.

In the mix, is Latina Joseline, who has a love thang going on with her Manager, Stevie J. Which promises to deliver some drama with his girl at home. Joseline says: “Of course, I think a lot of people are going to believe I am the villain. The truth of the matter is, Stevie is my manager and we’re going to be working together forever. Once people get to know the full story and see what’s going on, they will know I’m not the villain and I’m trying to work. They will know I’m not trying to take anyone’s man; they will know it’s not like that.” Yes, well where there is smoke, you know there is fire. Dang, she looks like a drag queen.

Overall, Astrochicks is VERY excited about Love & Hip Hop, Atlanta. It has a killer cast, plus, the girls seem to bringing their A game with all the glam and glitz. The show airs tonight on VH1! Enjoy!


Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.