VANESSA HUDGENS Update, Boyfriend Austin Butler, Astrology Love Predictions!

Vanessa Hudgens and new boyfriend, Austin Butler, have defied the odds and are romantically still going strong. While ex boyfriend, Zac Efron, remains single and dating a variety of girls. Is Austin the real deal? Will their love last? Check out our astrology predictions for Vanessa and Austin.

Born under the sign of Sagittarius, Vanessa is fun-loving, free spirited, and high energy. She’s definitely high maintenance and needs a man who can keep up with her. Her ex boyfriend, Zac a Libra, was quite the charmer. With Austin, he likes to be in control and can be very macho. With Zac, Astrochicks thinks Vanessa always got her way. With Austin, he’s no pushover, and he may have her wrapped around his sexy little finger.

Astrologically speaking, Vanessa is exploring different acting roles to find her niche. Trying to break out of her High School musical role, she’s appeared in a variety of films. In her upcoming movie, Spring Breakers, we get to see her more sexy side. A girl gone wild, who’s having way too much fun and gets into some legal trouble.

Moving forward, Astrochicks predicts our Sagittarius girl will return to TV. We see Vanessa Hudgens in a CW type show, maybe a Vampire Diaries or Gossip Girl style show. When it comes to love and marriage, we don’t see her marrying Austin but he will definitely important chapter in her book of romance. We are still holding out for a Vanessa and Zac love reunion. For more astrology predictions, click here.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. We are a gossip site with a cosmic twist. Primarily gossip, with an astrological spin. We have featured psychic writers like Barb Powell, etc. .Can’t make everyone happy. 🙂

  2. Yeah, not to be mean, but if you know something about astrology, you can predict the same things, if not more. And your past predictions weren’t exactly true either. So could you please work with Barb Powell again, she knows more. Straight answers would be better, then writing 2/3 of the text about things from the gossip mile, repeating old stuff and discibing what their signs describe for everybody.

  3. Angry much Karen or Hope? Have you met Austin in person? He’s a good looking guy, a person can be skinny and still be macho. Other Leos include Andrew Garfield, Andy Samberg, and Chris Hemsworth. Granted, he’s no Chris Hemsworth but I think Austin definitely has swag.

  4. Austin macho?What a laugh!Proves right there you don’t know what you are talking about. You guys must be on someone’s payroll to try to make him look “macho”. You also said that ZV would reunite at the end of 2011! Missed that one, didn’t you?

  5. when do you think her and austin will break up because before you said around spring time but they are still together. Do you see her having kids soon because you said her and austin have a lot of “lust” in their relationship? and when do you think she’ll get back with zac? also (sorry for the questions) who’s career do you think will get further vanessa or zac?

  6. Plenty of big name actors get their own TV series. Zac Efron is geared to be the next Leonardo DiCaprio. He headlines movies and doesn’t co-star. Vanessa is a great actress but I don’t see her becoming the next Sandra Bullock or Nicole Kidman.

  7. LMAO Vanessa has Spring Breakers, Frozen Ground and Gimme Shelter coming out.

    You fools are always trying to belittle her career – no she won’t be joining any CW television show (she’s not Ashley Tisdale) while she’s making movies with the likes of Sir Michael Caime, James Earl Jones, James Franco and Harmony Korine etc. the last one J2 netting 325 million dollars.

    So I have a prediction she will will have a far more reaching career than Zac and his shirtless movies and you guys will be found out for the phonies you are.

  8. I really love ZANESSA I do see them getting back together. I honestly think they still have. deep feelings towards eachother, well they were together for 5 years they need to get back together.

  9. Austin must have some special power over her, cause he’s not much in the looks department. To be honest, he’s so skinny and pale he looks a bit unhealthy. I guess frail is the right word.

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