EVELYN LOZADA Wedding Rumors, Why Fans Hate Her, Basketball Wives New Movie!

Where is the love? For Basketball Wives stars, Evelyn Lozada, she’s starting to feel the heat of fan backlash. Tired of her volatile temper, Evelyn is accused of being a bully and out of control. Will this be her last season on the hit VH1 show? What’s the latest scoop on her pending wedding to Chad Ochocinco?

Upset fans, have started an online petition to get Evelyn Lozada, our Sagittarius girl, fired from Basketball Wives and to boycott her new show with future hubby, Chad Ochocinco. I can’t believe these two are actually getting married.

For Basketball Wives creator, Shaunie O’Neal, she’s running towards the door. She’s tired of drama mama reality TV and has her eye on the bigger prize. MOVIES! In fact, she’s just signed a deal with Fox Studios, to create a film about a Basketball Wive who follows her man to Miami. A cross between “Jump the Broom” meets “Think Like a Man.” I hear the cash registers ringing now.

Of course, don’t think the new film will be like Basketball Wives reality show. Shaunie says, “You don’t take a reality show and make it a movie. At least I wouldn’t,” said O’ Neal. “… Even though it has to do with basketball life, it’s not actually taking ‘Basketball Wives’ from TV and making it a movie. And it’s not about women sitting around arguing or lunching all the time.”

“I needed some other ways to almost redeem myself. Like, this is not what I’m about people, [laughs] so let me show you. And it’s not my only way of showing but it’s a huge start. And it’s one that I know I’m gonna be 110 percent proud of.” You go girl!

Astrologically speaking, our girl Evelyn Lozada needs to dial it down a notch. She doesn’t always have to have the girls on blast, 24/7. She’s a beautiful woman with a hot man, why be so angry all the time. If she doesn’t get it together, we predict there will be no Basketball Wives wedding. Either way, her new show, “Eva and Ocho,” should be major drama. Fans will get to see Bridezilla in action. Stay tuned.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.

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  1. To be honest people, that reality show mess is just what it is mess and for TV…I think in order to make the show interesting their must be fighting, arguements, stunts, fakes, disagreements, hair pulling, name calling, tearing up shit, loud hollowing, cursing, putting your businness out there and etc,,, Thats TV people, so we should not get upset over this, and for the farmost these people are getting paid for their bullshit stories while we sitting at home nagging and saying who should and should not be on the show,,,, if u ask me non of them should be on there,,,but thats my opinion and yours to, but as women of color, we should limit what we say about each other,,, dont disgrace what God created… Have some dignity and pride and dont let a show come between your friendship and luv, because when the show is gone off air then what, the years of friendship is gone also,,, thats only if it was real, true and geniune friendship..

  2. I am biracial and I realize it is a T.v. show that all of these women chose to be on. In the case of Keyshia and Jenmifer they say alot of things and then choose to lie about what they said and don’t want to talk about what they started. In other words they are no better for starting a bunch of nonsense to get focus on themselves for the show and then think the it isn’t going to get heated. Everyone is acting like Evelyn is a saint. As I recall last season she sat and watched and laughed about Tami attacking Meeka. Where was all this embarrassment then. Why is such a big deal now. I don’t get all worked up because I know there is alot of history with these women especially Evelyn and Jen. You don’t see most of it . You don’t know any of them in an hour. If there were no drama you would be calling the show boring and it would be off the air. Also why does it have to be a judgment because they are african american. If you want be judgemental over the Jerry Springer show judge them as women not just black women.

  3. I am black and I am embarrassed….so for that first comment if by Mona, if you are African American you should be embarrased to…the petetion was started by Star Jones also African American and what she is saying is as African American women we should rise above those shows you mention and show some class….I was a fan of Tami until Monday….you do not verbally assault someone the was she did Keyshia who clearly wanted no parts of her and think that is ok….I would have reported my purse stolen to…there was nothing childish in the way Keyshia handle her self you can not force someone into confrontation they do not want to be in…As for Eve and Shaunie for you to sit there and not say anything you are as much at fault as Tami…Evelyn saying I understand where Tami is coming from..what is it you understand the girl I didn’t think meant any more harm than Tami saying she didn’t look like a Keyshia she look more like a Lisa…but Tami sees no fault in that….this show is horrible, and as far as Eve and Ocho who wants to watch 30 min to an hour of a guy talking to his fiance the woman he is supposed to love the way he does her…I was through with the comment if her va jay jay was not any good she wouldn’t be here..i realize it is for tv but sometimes tv can go to far….

  4. Shaunie, I wouldnt spend a dime, to watch anything your goldding rear end is involved in. Shaunie and the VH1 producers allowed Meeka Claxton, Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams and now Kiesha to be bullied. Shaunie, is a disgrace and she will never get my money. Try that crap on Kenya Bell and see what happens.

  5. This show is really sad now…Tammy and Eve both are HORRIBLE Examples of Women…The rest of the cast also can never be heard from again and who would care. Its sad how there supposed to be women of Class and the show nothing but utter Ghetto Disrespect towards each other. Jennifer is one good one because I would hit both of there classless behinds with lawsuits and show them better than I could tell them. I’m totally disappointed is Shaunie for even being apart of such nonsense.

  6. For all the bitches wanting to get rid of evelyn you just a bunch of hatin ass hoes she makes tha show and you just mad that you dont look like her you cant speak ya mind like her or fight she real to me but then again real people can only see real if they take evelyn off the show they will have 1 less watching they dont try to boot tammy ass she tha one who bully everybody but thats what fake bitches do like nicki minaj say shitted on em thats fa her haters

  7. I hope while these self righteous, judgemental people who are circulating this petition are also circulating one for “Big Rich Texas”, Jerseylicious, and Mob wives. All of these shows fight on a regular basis and the hospital along with emergency vehicles have involve. In fact spitting , kicking in the head, hair ripping, drink throwing etc… Do I need to go on. I don’t see the ranting and raving about these shows. Oh I forgot there is no one black in those. hmmmmm. Let me see Drita ( Mob wives) and Tracey (Jerseylicious) fight 10x more then aggressive then Eveyln. In Tracey’s case the only reason is jealousy.

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