The new VH1 show, Couples Therapy, is absolutely fascinating. If you love Celebrity Rehab, you will like this show even better. It’s a close and intimate look at celebs dysfunctional relationship, the most tragic and painful by far is Hip Hop star, DMX.

In Couples Therapy, DMX is trying to repair his love relationship with wife, Tashera, and the root of the problem is his troubled relationship with his mom. Sadly, he felt unloved and emotionally abused by her. Fortunately, the show was able to reunite DMX with his mom and put them on a path of healing.

Of course, DMX has other love drama in his life with rumors the rapper was still involved with an baby mama, Yadira. Naturally, DMX’s camp is denying that he’s seeing her on the side and that he really loves his wife, Tashera, and wants to keep his family together. Is it true?

Well ex girlfriend, Yadira, is putting her man on blast. In fact, she says that DMX was with her the whole time he was filming Couples Therapy. Is she a Bitter Betty or his love life really complicated. You can check out the photos here that Yadira sent and decide for yourself.

Astrologically, DMX is a Sagittarius dude and a free spirit. He will always wander between these two girls. Astrochicks thinks he has a fear of commitment and if he always has two women who love him, he will never be alone. Wishing him the best.

UPDATE: DMX’s PR agent has reached out with the following statement: “DMX is not dating Yadira Borrego. The two do have children together, but have not had a romantic relationship in several years. Earl was not on the phone with her during filming of Couples Therapy and all of his emotions regarding Tashera were sincere. It’s unfortunate that Yadira would use a visit with Earl and his children for her own personal exposure.” ~Domenick Nati (Nati Celebrity Services).

Astrochicks agree, wishing DMX and his family the best.

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Jacy Nova

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