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KRISTEN STEWART Wedding Rumors, Robert Pattinson Engagement, Coachella Love!

This weekend, Robert Pattinson and girlfriend Kristen Stewart braved the heatwave and spent it rocking out at the Coachella Festival.  Both blended into the crowd sporting t-shirts and baseball hats, still trying to pretend they are not a couple, when of course they absolutely are.

In other news, Hollywood Life’s resident psychic predicted that Kristen Stewart an Aries and Robert Pattinson a Taurus would get engaged this year. Hollywood Life has the exclusiveWill K. Stew and R. Patz get engaged or more this year? Will they- horrors- split?’s top psychic reveals all, on her birthday! Kristen Stewart recently celebrated her 22nd birthday, and here is what their psychic revealed.

“This will be a very interesting year for Kristen, as her red Aries energy offers up new opportunities to take her to a new level in terms of her career,” psychic medium Linda Lauren, EXCLUSIVELY tells “This year will have her deepening the friendships around her. Expect a not-unexpected surprise for her over the next couple of days.”

For Astrochicks, astrologically speaking we don’t see Kristen and Rob getting engaged this year. Sorry, we will have to disagree. In fact, on a practical note, we think she’s way too young. They are definitely very much in love and Rob Pattinson absolutely adores Kristen Of course, you don’t need a ring on your finger to profess your love.

We would recommend the couple wait at least two years before thinking about marriage. Both will be more mature and established in their careers. Astrologically, we think Kristen Stewart will be ready by late 2014 to take the plunge and plan a beautiful wedding with her man. Until then, we Rob and Kristen just living together in his love nest in Hollywood Hills. Stay tuned.


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  1. The Blog has been updated !
    Rob Pattinson || Secret Love Hat! and more…

  2. They’re already engaged. Next!

  3. I don’t think that’s true….but if it is…congrats. They make a beautiful couple.

  4. Lies as usual they are not engaged so cope on and plus stop pusing them if they want to they can stop forcing them and plus they are not even together if they were dont you think they would confirm it now?

  5. Jen GTFU. confirm their personal relationship to whom? THEY DONT HAVE TO CONFIRM A FUCKING THING. its their PERSONAL LIFE and it belongs to for you ,keep living in denial , and some day rob will be yours.


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