AMERICAN IDOL Spoilers, Jessica Sanchez No Personality, Colton Dixon Winner?

colton dixonAre American Idol fans shocked that Jessica Sanchez was in the bottom two? Although the 16 year old teen is an amazing singer, does she lack the charisma and X Factor to claim Idol fame and fortune? Will Colton Dixon be crowned the final winner?

Tonight, Astrochicks was not surprised Jessica Sanchez was in the bottom two. Sorry, but the sweet girl has no personality, I’m not inspired to save her, she doesn’t care if she wins or not. Tonight, when Ryan Seacrest excitedly asked Jessica what she was thinking when the American Idol judges saved her, she said, “Nothing.” She was so blase, almost felt like the drama was scripted. SNORE!

Jimmy Iovine, I think has lost touch with what fans are looking for in singers. Last year, he was all about Pia and her record tanked. American Idol fans want real artists, not pint sized Whitney Houston wannabes. Jessica Sanchez is talented but we think Colton Dixon will win. Also, we think the front runners are Philip Phillips and Colton Dixon both. A girl won’t win this season.

Astrologically speaking, Colton Dixon is a Libra and knows how to turn on the charm. Last seasons American Idol winner, Scotty McCreedy, is a Libra also and we know how successful he is. If Jimmy Iovine wants to sell records, I think he should bet on Colton, our Astrology prediction is on him. Stay tuned.


Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. Jessica Sanchez IS a wonderful singer, I just don’t think at the age of 16 she has the “star factor” to sell millions of records.

    Remember Pia last season? Her album tanked. Scotty McCreedy is already a country superstar. It’s not just about the music, fans have to want to buy their music.

    Colton Dixon will have millions of female fans, he does write his own music, and I think has the best chance to be successful.

    Just my opinion, no I won’t get fired for writing my opinion…That’s what is wonderful about music, we all have different taste, and if you want Jessica to win…vote for her and buy her music.

  2. Ummm…. What the writer is stating is she prefers a mediocre vocalist who everyone will forget exists in 6 months and squash a MEGA talent that has a very strong potential to be a Worldwide Vocal LEGEND that will be on the charts off and on for decades. The point is Jessica Sanchez does NOT need American Idol. American Idol needs HER. So what people like the article writer above are accomplishing is nothing but screwing over American Idols chance to have a piece of Sanchez who will become a worldwide superstar now with or without them.

  3. stupid article. if your boss is reading this, he’s now considering you being fired for being stupid

  4. I love Colton. I agree I have been saying it from day one that Jessica has not Charisma and is boring. Colton was robbed last year but this is his year. Even Ellen saw that he had the talent to win.

  5. What a stupid article. Jessica is a world class singer and performer already at sixteen. Colton and P2 are medicre singers that are supported mainly by power voting tweens who are going mostly on looks.

  6. So you are saying joshua will not be left in the bottom two, i tell you what if not something wrong somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. come on, she said that coz she was so shocked, i’m often in that situation when i’m panic i can’t say or think about anything

  8. American idol is a contest of finding the best singer that suite for the title, why dont you try to listen to jessica again, im sure your also be stunned with her effortless singer, admit it.

  9. Yes, I agree I did say she would be in the final three but after tonight’s lackluster comments…I think that could really hurt her. That girl has no personality. Also, no I’m not a tween…I really do think Colton has mega talent.

  10. Make up your mind astrochick! Last week you predicted Jessica was going to be in the final 3!!! Your magic ball is a little rusty.


  12. oh c’mon Colton Dixon is a David Cook-wannabe, a Adam Lambert wannabe & a James Durbin wannabe as well LOL.. i’ll stick w/ Phillip & the girls haha

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