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JENNIFER LOPEZ Birthday Love, Boyfriend Casper Smart, Sugar Mama Gifts!

jennifer lopez casper smartOh JLo, she loves to be the center of attention. A Leo girl, Lopez released a sexy new music video, featuring her boyfriend, Casper Smart.  Singing about wanting his sex, it features bondage and a lot of rolling around.

Her man, who finally turned 25 years old, was treated to a shopping spree with his Cougar girl. The ultimate Sugar Mama, Lopez definitely loves her boy toy Casper Smart. She Tweeted, “We hope Beau has the happiest Birthday Beau ever has!’

Astrologically, JLo a Leo is a perfect love match for Casper an Aries. They are both passionate, stubborn, and like love to be an adventure. Although, Astrochicks predicts eventually, her boyfriend will get tired of being in her shadow.

As a man, Casper likes to be in control, and with Jennifer Lopez he will always be a co-pilot. Astrochicks this romance will fade by the end of the year. Enjoy it while it lasts. Happy Birthday Casp!

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