Is Whitney Houston’s only daughter, Bobbi Kristina, being taken advantage of by her older “adopted” brother? After the tragic loss of her mother, she’s a vulnerable girl and easily swayed by others. Is it true she’s in love and engaged to Nick Gordon?

Most recently, Bobbi Kristina and Nick were spotted wearing engagement rings. Although, Nick is not her biological brother, they did grow up together as a family. Now that she’s lost Whitney and estranged from her father, the only person in the world she may feel she has right now is Nick.

According to Reality TV World, Bobbi Kristina was photographed kissing Nick Gordon, in Atlanta. He is a non blood relative, raised by Whitney since he was 12 years old.

“Yes, they are engaged, but the family is trying to coax her away from it,” a Houston family friend said. Cissy Houston, Bobbi Kristina’s maternal grandmother, is furious about the relationship, TMZ reported, telling a friend, “What they’re doing is incestuous.

Bobbi Kristina, a Pisces girl, is all about love. Deeply emotional and sensitive, she needs to fill the void of losing her mom, Whitney Houston. Granted she’s young and bound to make mistakes. Nick Gordon, is someone she loves and trusts. The boundaries have obviously blurred but they are not blood relatives and must have had an attraction since they were small.

Astrologically, Bobbi Kristina is moving into a positive cosmic period in 2013. We think she will record an album, that will be warmly received by Whitney fans. For marriage, Astrochicks hopes she waits. According to the trust, she won’t receive any money for at least a couple of years. Hopefully, that will allow Bobbi and Nick to decide if they really want to be together.


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Jacy Nova

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