HUNGER GAMES Review, Team Peeta or Team Gale, Who Will Win Katniss’s Heart?

The Hunger Games countdown has begun. The film has rave reviews and movie fans can’t wait to see Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth bring their favorite characters, Katniss and Gale to life.

Based on the best-seller by Suzanne Collins, “The Hunger Games” is about teens fighting for survival in a government-controlled world that hosts annual televised games in which young participants are forced to kill their opponents.

In a new interview, Liam Hemsworth shared his love for the film saying, “The fans that I have met so far have been nothing but supportive and extremely passionate about the books,” he said. “I feel so honored to meet all these people. Something like this, which I think is bigger than anyone in the film, it’s pretty crazy.”

Sad to say, he won’t win the heart of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence). Hemsworth said that their relationship takes on a different form. “My character’s kind of grown up with Katniss. The beginning of the story, they’re more or less brother and sister than anything,” he said. “They’re best friends. They’ve been keeping each other alive. It’s a little frustrating, for the character. Maybe they will find love in the third film?

Hunger Games fans are divided on who Katniss should pick to win her heart, Team Peeta or Team Gale.  For Astrochicks, we think best friends make the best lovers. In the book, Katniss mentions that Gale is, “the only person with whom I can be myself.” He has our vote.

Although, we have to give props to Peeta, who’s had a crush on Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) since he was 5 and saves her life many times. Big decisions ahead!You can check out the Hunger Games trailer here. Can’t wait…It opens in theaters March 23.

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  1. This isn’t twilight even the reviewers say that! Leave the series alone, you are just making the book look shallow. This movie will def be a nasty surprise to the tweens. I hate team this or that

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