jermaine jonesWhich American Idol contestant has been kicked to the curb for lying to producers? The rumor is Jermaine Jones failed to tell Fox that he had a prior criminal record and also lied about his family. Warning, American Idol spoilers ahead.

According to TMZ, Jermaine Jones, the gentle giant, lied about not having a relationship with his father. Daddy Dearest, threw his son under the bus and called producers telling them his son lied. Thanks Pops!

After that, the production staff started digging into his past and found a treasure chest full or arrests and warrants. Ummm, doesn’t American Idol do background checks on their contestants? An arrest record is pretty easy to find. Sounds like someone should be fired!

Jermaine Jones, posted on Twitter,”Awww I will no longer b on the show,” Jones tweeted from his official Idol account, but deleted the message soon after. Astrochicks can’t help think that the Idol producers planned this. In fact, they confront him on national TV…that really sucks. Are they going to confront JLo for dating a boy toy as well?

Personally, I’m kind of bored of American Idol this season. The only two contestants I like is Colton and Philip. It’s a bummer that Jermaine Jones was saved and someone else could have taken his place. Come on Idol, do your job, and do background checks on these kids. Tomorrow night, we will get to see the drama unfold.



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