AMERICAN IDOL Spoilers, Top 6 Predictions, Phil Phillips, Colton Dixon, Heejun Han!

american idolAmerican Idol’s top 13 boys sang their hearts out tonight. The judges definitely have a few favorites but in the end, fans get to choose which six will make it to the top 12. Warning, Idol spoilers ahead.

Jennifer Lopez had mixed reviews on several contestants. Her back handed compliments for Creighton Fraker, yes she thinks he’s an amazing singer, BUT will American Idol fans understand his style. Really? Just because he doesn’t look one of her boy toys? In Astrochicks opinion, Creighton is probably one of the most “artistic” singers on the show.

This season, Astrochicks predicts that one of the guys will take home the American Idol title. We don’t think the female singers are that strong this season. For the top 6, we predicts fans will choose Colton Dixon, Creighton Fraker, Phil Phillips, Heejun Han, Joshua Ledet, and either Chase Likens or DeAndre Brackensick .

If USA Today polls are right, the top 3, American Idol picks are Joshua Ledet, Phil Phillips, and Creighton Fraker. Who knows, maybe Joshua will win it!


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  1. Harder this year, not like season 9 and 10 when Crystal and Scotty were nearly a sure bet.

    My top 4 are 1) Hollie, 2) Skylar, 3) Joshua, and 4) Phillip. But Shannon could spoil the party, as she is majestic and personable. If Shannon were a better singer, then it would be over.

    Joshua is the best singer, and Phillip is too unconventional. Skylar will be a successful country singer, regardless. Hollie will build a wide and deep fan base, which will carry the day over Skylar in the finals.

  2. I agree that Jermaine is by far the most talented. He is a classically trained singer which means he has really good technique which is something I hear lacking in most of the other singers. Often times the judges give such positive feedback to singers that really don’t deserve it and sound awful. I’m also classically trained in singing and I am super tuned to hearing issues in a singers voice. And Jermaine by far has the best vocal tone and color, he has minimum issues with pitch. There are so many contestants that are so very off with pitch, and he has a great heart and personality. He should be the winner for sure!

  3. I think jermaine Jones was by far the best male vocalist we have seen on american Idol. I am very confused why some people don’t “hear” it. He reaches every note and the quality of his very well trained voice is outstanding. the rest of them were cookie cutter singers. Singers we have heard over and over again. Jermaine has a very strong moving voice.

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