jim jones and chrissyLove & Hip Star, Jim Jones, was arrested this weekend after a huge casino brawl. The rapper not only go thrown in jail, the poor dude got maced by cops as well. I wonder where his girlfriend Chrissy was at?

According to TMZ, all hell broke loose after Jim Jones got punched and fought back in self defense. The dudes friends jumped in, and of course his Love & Hip Hop peeps jumped in, and they did a MMA throwdown at Diddy’s party. You can check out the crazy video here.

Of course, it took 5 police officers to get Jim Jones under control. The crappy part is he was arrested and had to post $40k bond. The other guy, who Jim Jones didn’t know, obviously some Love & Hip Hop hater started the brawl. I guess too much alcohol and jealousy fueled the fire.

Jim Jones had no comment and his girlfriend Chrissy as well. The Connecticut State Police … who said Jones was charged with assault on a police officer and breach of peace. So how was your weekend?


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