Bachelor BenBachelor Ben is down to his final three. Mesmerized by mean girl, Courtney Robertson, can Nicky and Lindzi even compete on their exotic love vacation. After all, Courtney is in it to win it and treating the Bachelor experience like an Olympic race, competing for the Gold Medal of love. Here are the latest Bachelor Ben spoilers.

In case you have missed Reality Steve’s spoilers, Bachelor Ben is smitten by Courtney and appears to lean towards a lust choice versus true love. If he really wants a wife, he should choose Lindzi. After all, her parents have been together forever. Also, she’s hard her heart broken like Bachelor Ben. They understand one another. Of course, this is reality television and they’re not suppose to live happily ever after.

With Courtney Robertson, she acts like the head high school cheerleader. The most popular girl, every guy wants to date. In his connection with Courtney, Bachelor fans get to see Ben Flajnik’s immature side. Yes, she is really pretty but her personality is really kinda ugly. Warning major Bachelor spoiler ahead.

According to Reality Steve, Bachelor Ben chooses Courtney Robertson. After all, they have already had a mock wedding and he decides to go for bust. What’s next Vegas? On the surface, Bachelor Ben a Virgo and Courtney Robertson a Cancer make a good love match. Over the long haul, she’s way too emotional for Ben and he’s really all biz when it comes to love. Not a happy union.

The rumor is the honeymoon is over for Bachelor Ben and Courtney, and their relationship is struggling. Yes, they are still engaged but we don’t hear any wedding bells ringing anytime soon. Astrologically, we don’t think Courtney will be ready to settle down until late 2013. Also, we hear that the ATFR ceremony is very dramatic, so much for the final rose. It would be awesome if Bachelor Ben pulls a Jason.

For Bachelor Ben, I really think he just wants to build his winery brand and he will probably follow Bachelor Bob, and marry some Hollywood actress. Stay tune for all the tears and drama tonight.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.