creighton frakerAmerican Idol announced 14 of its top 24 contestants. Has the hit reality show lost some of its sparkle? Can Idol compete with The Voice this year? Warning, American Idol spoilers ahead.

One of the singers, Astrochicks think will definitely make the top 12 is  Heejun Han, not only is he an amazing singer but we think he has natural comedic talent. Also, Creighton Fraker, who’s definitely the one to watch, his voice sounds similar to lead singer of Simply Red.

This season, Astrochicks is not so impressed by the girls. We think The Voice, definitely has better singers this year. Also, we like the chemistry between the judges or maybe we are just bored of all these singing competitions. Can they compete with previous winners like Scotty McCreery and Carrie Underwood? Maybe.

One American Idol hopeful, who made it to the next round is Creighton Fraker, what an interesting name. He’s very Elton John like, unique, fun, and eccentric. Adopted, he grew up as a Preacher kid. He reconnected with his real dad, who was the lead singer of a popular heavy metal band in the 80s.

As Fraker explained it, “I was adopted when I was just a little baby and I grew up as a preacher’s kid, singing church music. And then, I always had this rock and roll thing going on in me and it was kind of out of nowhere. Come to find out my birth father, who I never even knew until I was, like, 25 years old, was the lead singer of this big heavy metal band from the ’80s called Flotsam and Jetsam. I meet my dad and I’m like ‘Oh, I get it, Fine. OK, It makes sense now.”

His dad, Eric Knutson, hoped he could someday be a part of his sons life and now he is. Fraker credits his father for inspiring him to audition for the show. Knutson, a lead singer for a popular heavy metal band, Flotsam and Jetsam released their first album on Metal Blade Records in 1986, at which point their bassist was future Metallica member Jason Newstad. Their latest album is 2010’s “The Cold.”

Warning more spoilers, other American Idol hopefuls who made it: Phil Philips, Jessica Sanchez, Colton Dixon, Brielle Von Hugel, Jen Hirsch, and you can read the rest here.

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