whitney houstonWhitney Houston’s funeral will be held today. After her shocking death, the media has speculated on what was the cause of death, and whether or not she was broke when she died. What will Bobbi Kristina inherit, what does does Whitney’s will say, and what was her net worth.

Houston is famous for her legendary voice but never wrote any of her songs. For that reason, Whitney’s net worth and estate may only be valued for a few million dollars. In 2001, Whitney renewed her recording contract for $100 million dollars. In 2010, her tour “Nothing But Love,” earned over $36 million. It’s reported, she owes the record label money for several advances and will leave two homes to her daughter Bobbi Kristina.

For other singers who have died, they have gone on to earn millions for their family. After Michael Jackson‘s death in 2009, his “estate made $279 million—boosting his $500 million net worth by over 50 percent,” according to Forbes magazine. Kurt Cobain’s estate earned $50 million last year, Elvis Presley’s earned $42 million, and John Lennon $24 million.

In the end, Whitney Houston’s legacy will live on and hopefully her daughter Bobbi Kristina will carry the touch through her own music. RIP Whitney.

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Jacy Nova

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