robert pattinson houseHas Robert Pattinson bought a new lovenest for his girlfriend Kristen Stewart? If rumors are true, our Twilight star bought the former Rocky Horror mansion previously owned by Tim Curry. How romantic!

The house located right in front of the Roosevelt Golf Course and near the Greek theatre, is the mansion Rocky Horror actor Tim Curry once owned, and is a restored Spanish colonial estate. It is on about 1.5 acres of lush grounds and has three bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms in slightly more than 4,000 square feet. The home has hand-carved, hand-stenciled ceilings, a pool, an amphitheater, waterfalls and fountains. Sounds perfect for Rob and Kristen!

According to eStalker, in September 2011 a trust linked to Rob Pattinson and his peeps, swooped in and scooped up the fabulous Los Feliz property for $6.275 million dollars. Wow, that’s alot of Edward and Bella cash. His neighbors include Kristie Alley and Michael Balzary, otherwise known as Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You can view photos here.

Our Taurus boy appreciates the finer things in life and I’m sure Rob’s new mansion is perfect for his future wife and babies. What does the future hold for the Twilight couple? Astrologically, we think Rob is ready to slow down and take a break from acting in 2013. For his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, she’s an Aries girl and is always on the run. Can he get her to settle down and will wedding bells ring in the future? Maybe.

Rob and Kristen’s love is still going strong. They were recently spotted having Sushi in Sherman Oaks. One source said, “they were making out and had their hands in each other’s back pocket. Kristen tried on T-shirts and Rob was telling her how awesome she looked.” Awww, how sweet.

For all you die-hard Rob and Kristen fans, here is a map to Rob’s new house. You can’t see the house from the street but maybe if you hit the golf course, you might be able to peek over the fence.


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